How Much Does It Cost to Make a Custom Ring?

Designing a custom ring is a great way to make a statement with your own design. As with any other custom order, the price varies depending on several factors. Here’s everything you need to know about designing your own ring and how much it will cost you.

The Cost Will Vary

One thing you want to keep in mind is that the cost for custom rings will vary. While this process can easily cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, the price will be somewhat negotiable depending on your design and metal choice. For example, yellow gold diamond rings can cost anywhere from $2200.00 – $6000. In addition to the material and what customization you want, where you get your ring done will also affect the cost of the custom ring. Before getting set on where you get your custom ring from, consider reaching out to different companies for an estimate. Contact Sterling Assault, for example, for an estimate based on the type of ring and what metal it is made from.

What is the Ring Made Of?

Your choice of material will play the biggest role in determining how much it costs to make a custom ring. The material options available and their respective prices can vary greatly. For example, gold is a good investment if you don’t want your jewelry tarnishing over time; however, if cost is an issue, white metal may suit your needs better and is easier on the wallet.

Cost of Labor

Labor is generally one of two major factors that affect how much it costs to make a custom ring. The cost of labor depends on where you are having your ring designed, as well as which artisan is designing the piece. Have an experienced jeweler design your custom ring for around $35 an hour or you can have a professional jeweler design your ring for about $65 an hour. To determine if someone is charging too much, compare their price and level of expertise with others who charge less.

Benefits of Custom Rings

Though buying a custom piece may seem more complicated than getting a ring from a big box store, there are many benefits to purchasing custom jewelry. With customizable jewelry, it’s possible to create exactly what you want. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry, having a piece made just for you is priceless.

Having a clear understanding of what it takes to make a custom ring will make owning a custom ring that much more enjoyable. Keep this guide as you learn about the costs of custom ring making.