Tips for Fashion Show Event Planning

How will you identify that a particular event is a fashion show? When you walk into a room where there is an arrangement of loud music, flashing lights and a ceiling that has suspended acrobats then it clearly indicates that the arrangement has been made for the purpose of ramp walk. All these arrangements are basically made by an event planner.

In order to provide an amazing experience to the guests, the event planners have to make a lot of effort. In this industry, several changes occur after a certain period of time and so the designers need to change their strategy accordingly.

Now I am going to show you tips for fashion show event planning.

  1. Focus on creating an engaging atmosphere – For grabbing the attention of the people you need to create an atmosphere that can engage them. So, try to build a setup that is great. According to the show’s theme, you have to select an impressive location. When the event starts or ends then to create a striking effect you need to use lights. As per the suitability of the theme you need to choose engaging music. For instance, energizing and upbeat music will be good so as to create a dramatic effect in an area where there are exposed ceilings in an industrial building. This will give the look and feel of modern style. On the occasion, the photographers can easily capture the photos if you will use a bright light. The designs will be clearly visible in this bright light.
  2. Leverage technology – The audience sitting anywhere in the room like near the catwalk can enjoy the show in a much better way if there is the right use of the technology. Try to webcast the online event. The models wear clothes of various styles and if you want to provide their personal and close view to the audience then on the runway’s both sides use screens of a bigger size. For engaging the virtual guests, you can use a chat room that will be available online. You can use email marketing, social media and various other options so as to advertise your occasion.
  3. Carefully select your models – You have to carefully select your models because they are the most important part of the show. If you want to grab the crowd’s attention then you need to select models having great personalities. Don’t give much importance to their looks. The figure of some models is not the stereotypical type. But if their personality is great then you can pick them. These people may have long hair, short hair, tattoos, thin or thick figures. Their looks may be of a different variety. Among these people of different types of looks, you have to choose women and men. The different types of bodies showing styles of various types will be appreciated by the crowd.
  4. Do a lot of practice – A rehearsal is necessary before the show and in that rehearsal, the models have to wear all the dresses. For practicing the transitions, permissions need to be given to the emcee, production elements’ run-through is necessary and to walk on the ramp the models need to practice a lot. If you take interest in adding intermissions and transitions as well as want to know how much time will be taken in the show then you need to give enough time to the rehearsal. Thus, at the show, it will be possible to deliver a great performance if everybody already knows what needs to be done.
  5. Make arrangements of top-class so that the audience feel special – The audience may have an experience of attending so many occasions of such type. So, it is your responsibility to arrange your occasion in such a manner that the audience may feel as if they are stars. By showing your hospitality to the guests you can give them a special feeling. On the occasion offer finger foods and cocktails to the guests. Take products of makeup and hair samples and make goodie bags with them. Give these goodie bags to the guests on the occasion. Along with this when one type of collection gets completed, then invite their designers to the stage so that the guests can see them and greet them too.
  6. Invite the local celebrities and influencers – On your occasion, inviting local celebrities and influencers will be a good idea. To do this you need to use the designer’s name with a hashtag as well as research his name on social media.


For a smooth running of the show, you need to look for new ways always without thinking whether you are running it for the first time or you have done it earlier also. Along with this taking help from the professionals of this field will be a good idea.

If you have no idea how to make various arrangements at the event then contact an Event management company. They will arrange everything for you.