Cleaning Up Your Property After A Backyard Wedding

You’ve just hosted a beautiful wedding in your backyard. The weather was perfect, the decorations were stunning, the food was delicious, and the guests couldn’t stop complimenting you. But what now? The celebration is over, and your property is a mess. Don’t stress it! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of cleaning up your backyard after a wedding, so you can sit back, relax, and relive those magical moments.

Start Early

The first step to cleaning up your property after a backyard wedding is to start early. Don’t wait until the next day to tackle the mess. You’ll be tired, and the items will have been left outside, causing them to be damp or strewn all over the place. Pick things up, like trash and food waste the night of and leave big things for tomorrow. Bright and early the next morning, gather some reinforcements and start cleaning up the decorations, disposing of the flowers, and assessing the damage.

When you’re ready, remove the chairs, tables, and other furniture from the seating area so you can start cleaning. Use a leaf blower or rake to clear the debris like leaves, petals, and other miscellaneous items lying around the backyard. Once the debris is sorted out, it is time to dispose of it properly.

Dispose Appropriately

It is essential to have adequate trash and recycling bins on hand throughout the event, and make sure to use them effectively. During your cleanup, separate those items that can be recycled from those that have to be thrown away. Empty any leftover drinks and dispose of that liquid appropriately. Once you’ve cleared the trash and garbage, inspect your backyard for any accidental spills that occurred during the event. This could be anything from candles to food items, so make sure you wipe or mop down your backyard surfaces that need it. For big things, consider getting residential dumpsters for rent. renting a dumpster can make a huge difference in the time and effort cleanup takes. Not only will you have a convenient place to put large waste items like broken chairs and large decorations but, depending on the company, you’ll have help in having the items properly disposed of.

Consider Donating Decorations

One of the most common reasons why people avoid hosting backyard events is the amount of decoration waste left behind. Particularly, garden rearrangements done for the occasion such as moveable tents, temporary seating, and arches. This time-consuming job can take up a lot of space in a landfill. However, if you’re looking to improve your green credentials, various other eco-friendly alternatives are available. You can rent the décor for the event instead of buying from stores to minimize the cost, and when you’re done, you can then return them back. Additionally, if you didn’t rent, you can donate still functional items, like chairs and tables, to thrift stores and smaller, cuter things like floral arrangements to hospitals and nursing homes, boosting their morale and bringing a smile to their faces.

Wash and Repair

Your backyard may also require some Tender Loving Care after hosting a wedding. You’ll want to start by mending any damaged plant beds and replanting broken pots. Water the grass and garden beds thoroughly to wash out the soil and help new grass growth. Power wash any areas that require it, especially if there is food or beverage spillage. If any spill has stained your concrete, use a mild detergent and scrub brush to remove it gently.

Be Proud

Now that you’ve cleaned up your property, you can take a moment to admire it. You put in a lot of effort into hosting an unforgettable event in your backyard, and now it looks even better than before! So be proud of yourself, sit back, relax, and enjoy the memories from your special day.

Hosting an incredible backyard wedding does not come to a halt once your guests leave! It is essential to ensure that your property is cleaned adequately and appropriately. Following the tips outlined in this blog post will help you streamline the process of cleaning up your backyard after a wedding. It’s great to have a memorable and fantastic event, but it’s equally as important to make sure that the aftermath doesn’t become an environmental hazard. So add the clean-up part of your checklist while planning your wedding. It’s a crucial step in making it a perfect occasion.