Choose Custom Coffee Mugs for Your Promotional Gifts

Coffee Mugs

When you choose from all the promotional products out there, a coffee mug should be top of your list. If you are in the market, Simply Merchandise has a wide range of reusable promotional coffee mugs for you to peruse. 

Customised coffee mugs offer so many benefits as promotional items, and this is why.

They Are Reusable

Reusable cups are good for the environment and that’s why people love them. This is also the power of a good promotional product. The last thing you want is to give away a product that people will only use once, or maybe a few times, and then throw it away or relegate it to the back of a closet or drawer. Many products end up in the trash pile, but cups are different. They are placed on a shelf with other cups to be used again and again. 

They Are Highly Visible

This is another area where coffee mugs excel. If they are in a cabinet, your brand and company logo or message will be visible every time the cabinet is opened. Then, when someone takes a cup from the shelf, pours tea or coffee into it and goes to their table, they are reminded of it. As they drink and the cup remains on their table, they are constantly reminded of your company. Plus, everyone can see it at their desk. Finally, if you print in the container and print on both sides of the mug, everyone who looks into the office will see it too. 

They Promote Loyalty

Everyone likes free gifts, but your business is also judged on the quality of the gift. Unlike a plastic pen, coffee mugs have a high perceived value, so when you give mugs to customers, they will be highly valued. This in turn leads to brand loyalty because the customer feels valued and important. If they feel this way, they will always think of your company first when looking for a service or product you provide.

They Have Large Branding Areas

Coffee mugs have great branding space. The best styles to help maximise print area are straight-sided mugs. If they are straight sides, you can print around the mug. It comes out cheaper because it can be printed instantly. If you get a conical mug, both sides have to be printed separately, which increases the cost. If you can print the entire side of the mug in big, bold letters, everyone will see it clearly.

They Are Affordable

Cost efficiency is vital for business marketing plans. Unlike costly social media marketing or traditional marketing methods, you can buy mugs in bulk for more affordable prices, and because they are designed to be durable, you can hand them out for years to come. This means it’s a one-off investment for the long term. 

Now that you know the value of a promotional mug, all you have to do is start designing. Simply Merchandise has ceramic mugs, glass mugs, travel mugs, stainless steel mugs, keep cups and even eco-friendly options, so you can choose based on your specific brand needs.