High salary career options in medical other than mbbs without neet

MBBS is regarded as one of India’s most sought-after and respected jobs. The NEET exam is considered one of the most difficult, and thousands of applicants appear every year to get a seat. It is, however, a highly competitive exam, and many applicants fail to gain entry into the MBBS program. But, this doesn’t mean they can’t make a career of it in the medical field. There are numerous opportunities for high-paying jobs in the medical area other than MBBS with or without NEET. 

The number of seats is 83,075 MBBS seats spread across 542 medical faculties in India. The number of MBBS colleges and centres is expected to increase in this academic session 2021-22. More than 15 lakh test-takers appeared to take part in NEET 2021. Therefore, the proportion of candidates who appeared and the number of MBBS seats are a massive distinction. The numbers are sufficient to show the severity of the entrance test. It is, therefore, essential to be aware of the different programs that are not MBBS to make sure you do not waste one year of your life yet achieve your goal of pursuing an alternative medical program of MBBS.

Beyond being competitive, you have to be extremely hardworking and sincere to succeed in this field. However, even if you have these traits, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to get the MBBS seat. Even after passing NEET and being accepted to medical schools, the MBBS course is long and requires long hours of research. The MBBS course syllabus is extensive with clinical as well as laboratory work. It also comes to the end of a year of work experience. 

It is also a 5-year program. In consideration, many applicants, even after obtaining the NEET, however, don’t want the path of MBBS. Another reason is that NEET successful candidates do not get the college they want, so they choose an alternative course to MBBS. So, it’s an excellent idea to remain open to options other than MBBS and be prepared to consider career choices following NEET in addition to MBBS.

5 Top high-paying careers for medical professionals other than the mobs, without the need for

1. BSc. Agricultural Science

BSc Agriculture is among the most lucrative, high-paying career choices in the medical field that aren’t NEET. It is a four-year undergraduate program that focuses on research and methods in agricultural sciences. It is a study in diverse disciplines, including Genetics and Plant Breeding, Soil Science, Agricultural Microbiology, Plant Pathology, and many more.

The primary goal of the course is to offer training and develop efficient human resources in the area of modern agricultural practices and technology.

You can have a promising future in your career after having completed BSc. Agriculture. One of the most reliable careers that can be found after completing a BSc. Agriculture are Agricultural Officers Plant Breeder, Agriculture analyst, seed technologist, etc.

Average Salary

The salary for an agricultural researcher scientist can be in the region of Rs. 6.8 lac p.a.

2. BSc. Biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology offers a three-year undergraduate course that allows students to utilize technology to produce valuable and essential products using living organisms.

Did you even know?

Every year, 40,000 students graduate from biotechnology courses in India!

To be qualified for the course, applicants must pass the 10+2 exam, which includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as mandatory subjects. Admission to the BSc Biotechnology is not dependent on NEET scores, and it is solely determined by scores from the class 12 exam of applicants. At the same time, some colleges in India have their entrance examination for admission to the program.

BSc Biotechnology is among the top medical schools after 12th with no NEET. It covers subjects such as Microbial Genetics, Organic Mechanisms in Biology, Molecular Genetics, Proteomics & Beyond, DNA Typing, etc.

Average Salary

The median salary following BSc. Biotechnology could be as high as Rs. 3- 4 lac p.a.

3. BSc. Nursing

BSc In Nursing can be among the best medical colleges after the 12th standard without NEET. It is a four-year undergraduate program focused on a comprehensive nursing program  for medical students.

Nursing admission is based on NEET scores only for one or two colleges. Most colleges will grant access by relying on Physics, Chemistry, and biology scores in the 12th grade or an equivalent exam or any other specific entrance exam for colleges.

It is also possible to get admittance to the Indian Army through the MNS Nursing test.

Nursing is an excellent option for students looking to work in the hospital care industry with or without NEET

Average Salary

The salary average for BSc. nursing is around three lacs. $3,500 p.a.

4. BSc. Fisheries

BSc. Fisheries is yet another of the highest-paying career choices in the field of medicine without NEET. It is a four-year university program focused on studying marine fishes and their ecosystems, illnesses, and their food and other food sources.

Additionally, the study covers methods like breeding, agriculture, genetics, nutrition, etc. In addition, the process of processing includes curing, freezing, canning, freezing value-added, management of by-products, quality certification, fisheries microbiology, and biochemistry.

Furthermore, to be qualified to be eligible for BSc. Candidates for the Fisheries program must pass the 12th grade with at least 50 percent marks in physics, biology, and chemistry from a recognized institution. Also, some colleges/universities might grant admission based on their specifically curated entrance exams.

Average Salary

The median base salary following BSc. Fisheries could be as high as Rs. 4.25 lac p.a.

5. Animal Husbandry and Dairying.

The course is four years long and an undergraduate course covering the farming practices involved in raising and breeding livestock. It also covers dairying, a part of agriculture that focuses on breeding, growing, and using dairy animals to produce milk and other milk products.