Can Facial Hair Be Permanently Removed?

Facial and body hair is a natural occurrence in both men and women. Some people tend to have it more in certain areas. Contrary to the beauty standards set by society, facial hair is something all women deal with. Most of them flaunt it as it is, while others choose to remove it from time to time.

People have a huge misconception that facial hair can now be permanently removed. However, all such claims are completely false. Facial hair can indeed be reduced to some extent, but it cannot be permanently removed.

There are several methods to eliminate hair growth for certain weeks, months, or even years. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be aware of all the ways that can be opted to get silky smooth skin for a prolonged period.

How Rapidly Does The Hair Grow?

As per the American Academy of dermatology reports, body hair takes around a month to grow fully. Females experience a much lower hair growth rate as compared to men. Various factors contribute to hair growth, such as genetics, nutrition, and medications. As you attain a certain age, the hair growth starts to slow down eventually.  

The complex process of hair growth is embedded in hair follicles. It feeds off blood while making its way to the skin’s surface. The hair receives its lubrication from sebaceous glands and remains healthy.

What Are The Effective Options Available?

You might have heard that girls should never go for shaving as the hair tends to grow back thicker. Well, this is another popularly believed myth. Shaving facial hair will only remove it from the upper surface while the root remains intact. On the other hand, tweezing rips off the hair from the root, which slows down the growth.

However, if you wish your hair removal to last for a longer period, there are some other techniques. Below are some of the ways you could opt for that which prevents hair growth for the longest period.

1. Electrolysis

In this process, shortwave radio frequencies are placed over the hair follicles through small needles. It is directed to destroy hair follicles responsible for stimulating hair growth. It’s strongly advised to only consult a certified electrologist or dermatologist to get the job done. As compared to other methods, electrolysis offers a long-lasting result.

However, you need to go for a follow-up session to retain the super smooth texture of your skin. This hair removal process is effective in any part of your body and is suitable for almost all skin types. Skin redness was observed as the side effects in very rare cases.

2. Laser Hair Treatment

Laser hair removal has become quite the talk of the town lately. Similar to electrolysis, this also aims at destroying the hair follicles. High heat laser is applied to destroy the hair follicles. This prevents it from further facilitating new hair growth. Except the eyes, this process can be applied to any part of your body.

Light-skinned people with dark hair growth benefit the most from this treatment. You’d require at least four to six laser treatment sessions at an interval of 4 to 8 weeks for best results.

It was found that the result lasted from several months to years. The results differ from person to person based on the skin and hair type. Although the hair regrows after a while, it comes back much lighter and finer. It’s very normal to experience redness and irritation in your skin post-session. However, the after effect starts to vanish after a couple of hours.

3. Chemical Depilation

We bet you haven’t heard of this method ever. People who wish to go for the most affordable option should definitely try this out. It comes in a gel-like consistency that is put over the skin. It gets the job done by breaking down keratin, a protein necessary for hair growth.

Your hair begins to fall out automatically. Unlike the other two options mentioned above, chemical depilation doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The results might not last for more than two weeks. Keep in mind that different creams are formulated for different parts of your body. So, pick the product carefully. If you’re a first-timer, conduct a patch test on any small part of your body before applying it all over the area.

4. Prescription Creams

Yet another painless way to get rid of facial hair is by applying prescription creams. Take the advice of your dermatologist, and they’ll prescribe you the best product. It’s recommended to apply the cream two times a day for a month. It brings down hair growth by restricting the enzyme production that facilitates hair growth.

As per a study, the results might last for eight weeks. The process needs to be repeated again once the prescribed period is over. Eflornithine is specifically targeted for facial hair in women. However, side effects such as acne breakouts, burning, and rashes were observed in some cases.

5. Regular Waxing And Tweezing

None of us is unaware of these two methods of hair removal. Since we hit puberty, most of us have been visiting professionals for waxing and tweezing. These methods are ideal while targeting small body parts. A professional and certified beautician does the job.

In this method, the hair is directly pulled out from the root. It might take two to eight weeks to grow back. However, this depends on how rapidly your hair grows.

Although you won’t be spending more on these treatments, you will have to visit the professional as the hair grows frequently. Tweezing can be done anywhere on your body. However, waxing is not meant to be done around the nipples, genitals, eyelashes, or ears. Also, make sure not to apply the hot wax on moles, warts, varicose veins, and sunburned or chapped skin.

  1. Natural Remedies

Natural remedies might not be as effective or long-lasting as the other options, but they have zero side effects. They effectively remove hair for a limited period. Mentioned below are a few natural remedies that you can opt for:

  • Replacing wax with honey
  • Sugar scrubs and waxes
  • Consuming spearmint tea two times a day to limit facial hair growth.


Despite continuous claims from several marketing firms, nothing works one-hundred per cent. Also, if you notice none of those mentioned above tips and tricks are working out for you, you should consult a doctor. Underlying conditions such as PCOS or hyperthyroidism might be the reason behind your problem. Consult a doctor immediately if you see infected ingrown hair.

Remember that removal of facial or body hair is not a mandatory job. It’s completely your call whether or not you want it removed. All that matters is whether or not you feel comfortable in your skin.