Top 8 Beauty Trends Going into 2023

Beauty Trends

While beauty can be very personal, there are a few upcoming trends that are sure to become very popular in 2023. Previous trends focused on bold, eye-catching makeup looks and metallic nails. However, beauty trends are projected to turn more natural, focusing on achieving a youthful, healthy appearance from the inside out. Following are eight beauty trends to look out for in 2023.

1. New Natural Makeup Look

Although there have been many variations of the “natural makeup” look for decades, the “new natural” look includes various shades of taupe and peach while also incorporating “cooler” colors like light blue and lavender. The goal is to create a seamless look with minimal foundation and concealer while projecting a natural, healthy glow.

2. Thicker Eyebrows

After decades of being overplucked and thinned out, thicker eyebrows are making a comeback in the new year. As you age, your eyebrows naturally become sparser. While this is partially due to the natural aging process, years of waxing and plucking can permanently damage the hair follicle. The thicker eyebrow trend is a refreshing change from the pencil-thin look that was popular several years ago.

3. Lipliner And Gloss

In the nineties, darkened lip liners and plenty of gloss were favorite looks amongst celebrities and average women. After years of bold lip trends, the vintage nineties “look” will become popular again in 2023. Be on the lookout for moisturizing lip glosses in buildable formulations that you can customize to suit your personal style.

4. Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup has been around for a while, though the popularity of these procedures tends to ebb and flow. Most people have heard of semi-permanent eyeliner and enjoy the benefits of not having to carefully reapply it every day. However, semi-permanent foundation has also gained popularity over the last year and is projected to become one of the most requested makeup procedures in 2023. Semi-permanent foundation can help address uneven skin tone and creates a healthier-looking complexion without having to rely on thick foundation and bronzing techniques.

5. Shorter Nails And Gradient Manicures

Nail art and acrylics have become less popular over the years due to their impracticality and cost of upkeep. Fashion experts are predicting an increase in shorter nail lengths and more natural polishes in 2023. Look for gradient and ombre manicures in softer shades of purple, lilac, and powdery pastels. Classic French manicures and geometric nail art are other trends to consider in the new year.

6. Foundations With Hydrating Serum

One of the major beauty trends that will likely outlast some of the others next year is the introduction of multi-purpose foundations with hydrating serums. Current beauty trends in 2022 focuses on promoting beauty from the inside out. These trends will continue to evolve next year with makeup and beauty products that contain advanced moisturizers, serums, and peptides.

7. Enhanced Cosmetic Procedures

The medical technology behind cosmetic procedures has significantly advanced throughout the last several decades. If you’re considering plastic surgery to address your skin concerns for this upcoming year, make sure that you consider a facial fat transfer. This advanced cosmetic procedure is designed to enhance the appearance of your face by using fat sourced from other areas of your body. You’ll experience minimal downtime and avoid the need for more invasive procedures requiring general anesthesia. If you’re looking for an innovative and minimally invasive way to address the concerns you may have with your appearance, you may want to consider this highly effective procedure in 2023.

8. Sustainable Beauty Products

As the demand for cleaner, more sustainable products continues to grow, so will the need for environmentally-aware makeup and beauty products. Many companies are striving to create positive change within the environment and provide their consumers with ethically-sourced products and recyclable packaging. These trends will continue to grow throughout the new year.

Closing Remarks

Although beauty trends change every year, some trends tend to stick around much longer than others. 2023 will focus on promoting healthier-looking skin and minimally invasive procedures that produce long-term benefits and a youthful appearance. Enjoy these exciting beauty trends and enhance your self-confidence as you step into 2023.