A Simple Guide to Clean Vape Device

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For a vapor beginner, the purchasing of the first steamer is a valuable accomplishment. There is plenty to celebrate the road to safety vaping. Yet you have to recognize the duty to own a vape unit. You have to sustain that in order to support yourself better and effectively.

If the vapor system is filthy it can limit airflow and minimize productivity by dirt and residue. It’s out of doubt to buy a new one since these machines are not inexpensive. You can’t do anything except disinfect your steam system to carry out the awful job. Your know-how, however? For cleaning your vapor, we have an easy reference.

Cleaning a Vape Pen

The most common vapor device is a vapor pen. Sadly, many consumers do not know the proper system cleaning procedures. Well, the cleaning of a steam pen is not a technical process unless you have everything you need. This is a guide for your steam pen cleaning.

1.  Disassemble the Vape Pen

The first step is to extract the various components of the steam pen so that everything is removed from the main body. Before you do this, you must first grasp all the different sections of the steam pen. The battery, cartridge, atomizer, battery, and button are used in the vapor plumb. Remove and clear the heating space after removing all traces. You can consult the manual if you don’t know how to remove your vapor pen.

2.  Scrub the parts separately

The next step is to see how each component is cleaned individually. You might be fortunate enough to find a steam pen with your cleaning brush to remove the residue. These components are here and how they can be cleaned.

●   Mouthpiece

Start by cleaning with alcohol and dap cotton. Remove residues, sweep both inside and outside. By soaking in alcohol for up to one hour, you can also deeply clean.

●   Cartridge

Dop the cotton swabs into alcohol for the cartridge, then use to gently scrub the outside. Remove all remaining residue from the cartridge to ensure proper cleaning. Dry the cartridge inside with a towel of paper. Don’t immerse your steam pen in water or alcohol in this part.

●   Battery

When cleaning the battery, you need to take additional precautions as this is the most sensitive part of your steam pen. Clean the outside of the battery gently with cotton swabs. Clean the residues from the plug so the electricity flow is not hindered. Do not drink any liquid in the battery.

3. Dry the Pen

Don’t use your ink until it dries out entirely, because you want to cleanse the alcohol when it is vaporized. Drying with a towel or piece of fabric may be speeded up. Put in the cartridge and enjoy the clean vapor. Put together the components until completely dry.

Cleaning a Vape Tank

Cleaning a Vape Tank

To avoid getting leftover flavors when you expect a new vape flavor, regular cleaning of your tank before any refill is paramount. You can clean your Suorin Vape tank in two simple steps. If it’s just removing some leftover flavors, a simple rinse can work. If it’s been a while since you did some good cleaning to the tank, you need to treat it to some deep cleaning. Here is a step-by-step guide for the two cleaning methods.

1.  The Standard Rinse

For a pretty clean tank, you only need warm water to do the cleaning. Start by separating the parts then running every single piece in water. Use a clean towel to dry every piece or let them air dry. You can also use a few drops of dishwashing agent if the tank is slightly dirty. Once the components are completely dry, assemble everything back and enjoy vaping.

2. Deep Cleaning

Propylene glycol will have the thorough cleaner that you will need if you haven’t cleared your tank for a while and can see any debris. Disassemble the pieces and damp them for up to two hours in a tub of propylene glycol. Drip dry for two hours in a serviette.

Deep cleaning can also be achieved with other cleaning products such as soda bakery, ammonia, gasoline and inexpensive vodka. Rinse properly and allow it to dry after dipping in any one of these agents. Relaunch it all and enjoy clean vaping.

Cleaning Vape Coils

Cleaning Vape Coils

Vape spools are also saturated with traces of vapour juice. Burnt taste that you don’t like when you vap will decrease dirty spindles. The only way to extend their longevity and guarantee that they better serve you is the washing of your coils. Here is a convenient reference for the cleaning of the ears.

  • Start by dry burning your coils using low heat so you can get rid of any excess liquid.
  • Soak the coil heads in either vinegar, ethanol, or cheap vodka for a few hours
  • Use fast running hot or distilled water to rinse
  • Use a coil brush to brush the coils softly.
  • Hold under a fast-flowing tap to rinse off any brown residue.
  • Dry thoroughly in the sun or heater and reinstall the coils back
  • Assemble all the other parts and continue vaping

The coil may also be washed by certain methods of the tank and pen. Sometimes you replace the steam coil faster than fully burned ones could have ended their lifetime. If you need to pick up your bucket and fix it, you have to learn.


Daily cleaning of the vapour equipment and careful servicing are important. You don’t have to wait for that exceptional flavour or the burnt taste before you can purify yourself. Consider at least every two weeks washing the product or every time you change the colour of juice. Nothing would keep you from loving the gases if you adopt any of these cleaning procedures for vapour systems and their materials. Keep all of this in mind, and every day you will be a satisfied vaper with a clean vapour experience.