7 Tips for an Engaging Video Livestream

Companies have begun to leverage video conference technology more and more frequently. Even independent individuals seem to have noticed the potential of live streams.

By using video calling technology, distances can be rendered negligible. Coordinating with an international team on grand projects isn’t impossible.

Yet, plenty of professionals still hesitate to use it. Here are a few ways you can begin to harness the potential of video Livestream technology.

Train With a Professional Video Course Instructor

First, you should attend a live video course, taught by a licensed instructor. As with most things in life, having someone who knows what they are doing to teach you makes things a lot easier.

Learning with an instructor ensures there’s always someone who can answer questions. Plus, once you’ve mastered the basics, the rest will come a lot more easily.

Spend a Little Time at Home Practicing

Think of any skill that you’ve developed. How much time did you spend practicing it at home? If you’ve developed some skill, chances are, you’ve spent a decent amount of time honing your craft. Sit down and figure out what you’d like to accomplish during your video calls. Summarize those in a few key points.

Then, create a rough draft of your presentation. Go through it by yourself to see if you notice anything that could use some improvement. After you’ve done that, revise the first draft. Practice the new and revised presentation several times before presenting it to your team.

Even people who suffer from stage fright can quell most of their anxieties by doing this. Simply going through your presentation will give you confidence once you are on the call.

Prepare Visual Aids Ahead of Time

One of the toughest things about video calls is keeping everyone’s attention. A lot of people struggle to listen for more than a few minutes, especially without any visual aids.

To ameliorate this, prepare a few slides or something that you can show them while speaking. The more relevant it is to your topic, the more impactful such visual media will be.

Write Down Your Key Points on Notecards

Have you ever lost your train of thought while speaking to an audience? That is relatively common, actually. Jotting down a few reminders to carry with you while speaking is an easy solution.

Whenever you feel like you’ve lost your train of thought, just take a peek at those cards. Then, you ought to be reminded of where you were.

Do a Mock Run With an Objective Audience

Practicing at home can be quite helpful, but working with a mock audience can have an even larger impact. Gather a few people who can run through the presentation with you.

Once you’ve finished, ask them what they thought about things.

Sometimes, it seems as if outside observers have an easier time spotting flaws. We’ve found that fixing such flaws is simple once you’re aware of them.

Ask for Feedback After Each Video Call

Let’s say you’ve got a project where everyone must meet for a videoconference each week. Whenever you’re working with other people regularly, ask them for feedback. That should go without saying. Anyone who’d like to improve their craft should always ask other people for feedback.

Engage With Your Team While You’re on the Call

Don’t forget to let the other people on your call have some time to speak. It’s hard for people to sit still and listen to someone else speak for long periods of time. They’ll be a lot more engaged if you ask them questions throughout the call.

Get everyone to answer a few questions. That way, they’ll remain interested in whatever you’re presenting. Plus, it gives everyone to feel a little more familiar with each other. Team cohesion has a huge impact on a project’s performance, more than most leaders realize.

Maximizing Your Livestream’s Impact

Utilizing videoconferencing technology well can transform your leadership capabilities. No longer must you attend places in person. Instead, you’ll be able to easily appear online with people from all over the world. These capabilities have made running an international enterprise far more achievable than it’s ever been. However, you’ve got to master the right skills first.