7 Roofing Technology Trends in 2021

Roofing has come a long way and continues to change as the world evolves. New tech is being introduced all the time to make roofing easier or better. The following are seven roofing tech trends that are taking off in 2021.

1. Communication Apps

One type of technology that’s rising in popularity involves smartphones. Good roofers know that customers are using their phones for everything nowadays including finding a roofer to work with. This is the reason many roofers have roofer app software installed on their phones so that they can talk to their clients directly about anything they might need, such as roof repair replacement. This nurtures that connection customers want with the businesses they support. It helps companies establish trust with potential clients or customers.

2. Business-Related Apps

Roofers are also using apps to make the business side of their company function more effectively. This helps reduce task load to free up time for more important things. They use apps to automate emails, which ensures that vital information and even discounts are sent to customers. Roofers can use apps to accept payments and offer estimates to customers. This, plus the ability to communicate mentioned earlier, is making everything more convenient to the roofer and the customer.

3. Speedier Drone Estimates

Before new tech, roofers had to climb on the roof to give folks an estimate of the work to be done. This could take a long time sometimes, and it was a bit dangerous for the roofer. They are trained for that kind of work, but there’s no reason to take these kinds of chances anymore as roofers can use drone technology now. They can give customers an estimate without having to climb. Every customer wants things to move faster so that they can move to other things. If a roofer uses a drone to get the job done, that roofer will start getting more business than a roofer that doesn’t.

4. Drones and Marketing

Of course, roofers were going to find many uses for drones. They also found that drone technology makes it easier to take videos of their work so that they can advertise it later. This has given roofers a new way of advertising to their customers. People love to see examples of work as it helps them narrow down their choices, and drones are making things easier for roofers and customers.

5. Cool Roofs

A new type of roof just came into existence, and customers in hot climates are loving it. They are usually made using lighter materials because that helps reflect the heat energy from the atmosphere so that homeowners stay as cool as possible. These roofs can expand when the temperature rises and contract back to normal when the temperature drops to a more acceptable number. The roof does all this by itself, which means this is low maintenance.

6. Green Roofs

A lot of commercial businesses are investing in green roofs. These roofs have a layer of vegetation over a waterproofing system. The roof remains safe under all that; in fact, the vegetation helps absorb moisture. This is good because it protects the roof from water, and it also prevents some water from reaching the city sidewalks. On top of that, these roofs look quite beautiful, and if more businesses do this, it could lead to something special.

7. Solar Roofs

Perhaps one of the most famous types of roofs right now is the solar roof. These roofs have been modified for solar panels. A lot of people want to reduce their energy costs, and they are doing it by relying on solar power. Not only do customers save on energy, which is great, but they also get to protect the environment along the way. With those kinds of perks, it’s easy to see why this type of roofing is taking off and why people are loving it.

These are the types of technologies the roofing industry is starting to embrace. There’s no telling how much tech is going to continue to change roofing, but it’s worth paying attention to, especially as customers but also as roofers to keep up with the times.