6 Ways AI Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

These days, different industries consider the use of AI in their various sections. The marketing industry has not been left behind. AI can transform the marketing sector to how it has not functioned before. Marketers need to know what they should do to get the benefits soon enough. Not anyone willing to use AI in marketing campaigns should hesitate to contact right into it.

That is because there are AI chatbots in almost all the industries, which have already started working. They will avoid being left out by their competitors in the technology revolution. Research conducted by Demandbase indicated that the highest number of marketing experts believe that there will be a great revolution in the marketing industry in the coming years.

The same research revealed that not many marketing professionals are using AI now. They, therefore, came up with the conclusion that there needs to be enlightening on the technology that most people haven’t embraced. That will encourage more companies and professionals to adapt to it and bring much-needed change. The following are ways that marketers can use to improve their marketing campaigns:

1. Customer Support

When using AI chatbots, marketers can get loads of data from different networks, such as customer information developed in several days. The ability to access customers’ requirements in real-time and the previously purchased items provides the customer service chatbots with better placement than human beings. One of the best examples of this is available through the Hyatt chatbot in the hospitality sector. Hyatt clients use the company’s Facebook Messenger to access information in real-time.

2. Finding and Creating Content

People who do not want to create content periodically using spreadsheets should rest in the knowledge that they can find an AI chatbot. They can use Wordsmith; a writing bot used to change data into written form successfully. Most companies that use the chatbot as of now focus on articles with complicated formats. Several news companies use writer bots in some instances.

For example, Yahoo uses Wordsmith to create content for drafts used in fantasy football. However, it is not advisable to leave all the work of creating a blog post to a bot. It might have some limitations in the delivery of its capabilities. Traditionally, there was a specific manner of structuring stories for creating news. That should be the case while using AI.

3. Provide Faultless User Experience

Nowadays, consumers demand more than they used to some time back. They need to get products, services, and information immediately. That makes users contribute to the development and accomplishments of a business. Several AI chatbots are good at that, one of them being the Uber Facebook Messenger bot. According to Facebook management, customers can use the new feature contact the car service for a ride without a unique application. The procedure is effortless and doesn’t make one change their regular plans.

4. Personalization

AI allows the chatbot to gather helpful information from different sources of data. That enables other brands and businesses to communicate with consumers on a personal basis. That is what Under Armour and IBM did when they collaborated. The record learns more about one’s different activities and suggests the best way to perform better. The Under Armour App provides users with advice about nutrition, health, and exercise.

5. Sales

The AI sales bot can be the best brand for use on the internet. The AI chatbot delivers product recommendations based on consumer preferences after recording the previous purchases from customers. Several companies in the fashion industry use chatbots to find the right customers for their products. Most AI bots used in the fashion industry have a better fashion sense than human beings. They use Kik to greet customers and ask them quality check questions after purchasing from the outlet.

6. Use of Email Drip Campaign

AI is using this method for marketers to get customers to use nature programs. An email drip campaign is done through e-mail marketing, where content is created before being sent at the most suitable times to get to the customers. With the use of AI, this entire process can be automated from creating the email text to automatically sending out the message to email lists and subscribers. This will ensure your content is sent in a timely manner and you keep in contact with your customer base.

The Bottom Line

All marketers need to maximize their marketing abilities by focusing on what the future of marketing holds. All industries embrace AI, thereby significantly impacting several businesses and helping them grow and become successful.