6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

More than 70% of brand managers say that building an ideal audience is better than sales conversion. Although increasing brand awareness may be a tall order, the good news is that there are practical strategies you can incorporate to improve it. Besides being easy to implement, these strategies have been tried and tested by businesses worldwide. Read on to learn more about the top six ways to help you attain your brand awareness objectives.

What is Brand Awareness?

It’s a marketing assessment that demonstrates how target audiences and customers know your brand. It may apply to a particular product or brand as a whole. It may also apply to branding elements, including your business slogan or logo. For instance, the “Just do it” saying has exceptionally high brand awareness. When you come across this slogan on a product, you know that it belongs to Nike Footwear.

The best ways to increase brand awareness include:

1. Create Compelling Content

Having compelling content helps catch customers’ attention. Therefore, create helpful content to publish on trustworthy blogs so that you tap into other businesses’ audiences. Also, produce content that makes a lasting impression on new and present audiences. Instead of coming up with purely keyword-focused content, consider creating audience-focused content. Therefore, you should concentrate on the best content marketing tactics provided by a professional digital marketing company, which will increase brand awareness and position you as a reputable source of information in your sector.

2. Be Active on Social Media Channels

In today’s world, you can hardly increase your brand awareness without social media. More than 3.96 billion people across the globe use social sites, and the number increases yearly. Focusing on the right platforms is the trick you need to use when raising brand awareness through social media. Remember to invest in social media campaigns with an active target audience. LinkedIn is a perfect channel for B2B companies. Regarding B2C, TikTok is a gem for young consumers, while Facebook suits Gen X and Y best. However, it’s essential to take advantage of social media marketing courses to ensure you have the knowledge to execute your social media strategies effectively.

3. Engage Influencers

Influencers are the perfect brand ambassadors in a world flooded with social media channels. Several surveyed marketers say that return on investment from influencer marketing is as significant as or superior to other channels. Recent studies indicate that you don’t necessarily need to seek endorsements from expensive celebrities. Instead, use affordable micro-influencers with a niche audience. Influencer marketing should not cost you an arm and a leg.

4. Use Podcasts to Discuss New Ideas and Build Authority

Over the last few years, podcasting has significantly grown in the United States as more than half of Americans listen to them more than ever before. The main reason podcasting is effective when trying to increase brand awareness is that it helps your brand build authority and leadership by exposing audiences to original ideas and new discussions. Also, podcasts strengthen brand recognition by creating buzz and attention and drawing audiences.

5. Use SEO to get Incredible Visibility

The group of people saying “SEO is outdated” is far away from the truth. Indeed, SEO is becoming essential, thanks to Google’s continual development in improving its search features. Today’s SEO is not just about keywords as it incorporates good quality content, mobile responsiveness, and smooth website navigation. Having a great SEO is vital for brand awareness as it helps you rank high in search results and have high visibility.

6. Use Paid Advertising

SEO is insufficient to get the visibility that truly enhances brand awareness. Therefore, tap into paid advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC). Rather than depending on organic traffic alone, paid advertising lets you get more viewers to your online platform. Also, it allows you to target appropriate audiences in a good way. In the end, you get an incredible chance to market your brand to audiences and on sites where you enjoy excellent awareness levels.

Why Brand Awareness is Essential

Measuring brand awareness is a daunting task, but you need to factor in that it’s an essential part of a brand’s performance. Getting consumers aware of a brand is crucial to increasing revenue and sales. However, brand awareness is more than that. A brand with high awareness in the market has high success rates. Why? Because brand awareness leads to good things, such as increased demand for influencer collaborations and brands, word-of-mouth recommendations, busy lead funnels, and short conversion times.