6 ISPs in the US Offering Deals & Discounts

USA communication concept
USA communication concept

An internet connection is one of the most important aspects of modern life at this point. Many people now consider it a necessity and treat it as such. This is because it affects every aspect of your personal, professional, and commercial lives now. Whether you want to sign up for an event, order food, or get your remote work tasks done, you need to go online. Therefore, you probably want the best internet connection possible for your home within your budget. This means that you’ll have to extensively research what’s in your area, and find the option which suits you the best.

The good news is that there are hundreds of providers out there. They have competitive pricing and services and try to attract as many customers as possible. To do this, these ISPs offer bundles, discounts, and deals. Therefore, if you do the right kind of research and look around carefully, you can probably find the perfect option for you at the best prices. Here are a few internet service providers who have deals and discounts on offer at almost any given time.

Spectrum Internet

This ISP has ample coverage all over the US and offers a number of different bundles and internet tiers.  Just call the Spectrum 1800 number and ask about what deals they have to offer. Often, they’ll let you in on details about discounts and promotions which are not advertised that publicly either.

However, even Spectrum’s regular packages are quite a catch. The basic tier offers download speeds of up to 100mbps, depending on your area and signal reception. Apart from that, Spectrum’s customer support is quite helpful and will guide you with everything you need.


AT&T is a major name in internet and mobile networks. It offers several different packages, with download speeds of up to 100mbps, 300mbps, and 500mbps respectively. Of course, these speeds vary due to a vast set of circumstances but are still quite impressive.

This ISP’s fiber internet packages are some of the most affordable ones around. These give you steady and high speeds, so are a great fit for your home. So, call up AT&T and ask about their availability in your area.


This ISP has many decent internet plans, but its 1 Gig Package is one of its most popular offerings. As of August 2021, it comes with a year’s subscription to HBO Max and gives you free access to Optimum Stream.

Optimum offers impressive Wi-Fi technology, with the latest developments in the field incorporated in its networks. Therefore, you should confirm whether the 1 Gig package is available in your area and sign up for it to avail download speeds of up to 940mbps.

Cox Internet

Cox offers a wide range of internet plans as well. These cater to a large coverage area and have quite appealing price tags. Furthermore, it has several bundles you can subscribe to if you’re looking for cable TV and phone services as well. Its download speeds range from up to 25mbps to up to 940mbps. Therefore, there are options for all types of households, no matter what your level of internet usage is.

Furthermore, you can also opt for prepaid internet with this ISP, so that you can monitor your usage more efficiently. However, if you’re using your connection for work, online classes, or gaming, it is better to go for one of the limitless options.


Xfinity is Comcast’s internet provider. It is one of the most affordable options out there and comes with a streaming box, voice remote, and NBCUniversal’s Peacock Premium streaming service. It can offer download speeds up to 200mbps, with proper router placement and signal strength. Furthermore, you need to do your research and see which options are available in your area.

You can even opt for prepaid internet packages so that you can control how much internet is used in your house. This is especially useful if you don’t really use your network for heavy-duty activities like gaming and online classes.


CenturyLink’s high-speed internet packages make your browsing much faster and easier. Depending on your area and package, you can avail of speeds starting from up to 100mbps to up to 940mbps. These speeds are enough for all your internet needs and are available at affordable prices. Therefore, you can find something that fits your needs, no matter how extensive your internet usage is. You just have to call up the ISP to confirm area availability and then sign up for your preferred packages!

In conclusion, there are a number of ISPs that offer excellent packages and deals for a wide range of needs. You just need to see what’s available in your area and ask your providers about all the deals and discounts they can offer.