5 Types of Bikes for Your Lifestyle

If feeling the wind in your hair and enjoying nature are essential to your lifestyle, you are likely someone who enjoys bike riding. Continue reading to discover five types of bikes based on your lifestyle.

In addition to enjoying nature, there are several health benefits to riding a bike. Some of those health benefits include:

  • It improves joint mobility
  • It decreases stress levels
  • It improves posture and coordination
  • It decreases body fat
  • It prevents certain diseases

With so many different styles of bikes to choose from, selecting the right one for your lifestyle can feel daunting. However, that need not be the case, especially since there are bike shops everywhere and bikes to fit every need. Some different bikes and tips for picking the right bike for you are listed below.

Road Bikes

A road bike is a bike that can be great on paved surfaces and can be ridden fast on the road and trails. It looks like a traditional bike but some road bikes have up to 24 speeds. Other characteristics of road bikes include:

  • Two-triangle frame design
  • A low profile rim brake at the front wheel
  • A lightweight frame
  • A drop/curled handlebar
  • Advantages include: speed, efficiency, lightweight

Road bikes are great for the person who rides for exercise or who will be riding with other riders.

Mountain Bikes

As the name implies, mountain bikes are great for riding off-road trails. Mountain bikes have shock absorbers, also known as suspensions. Some come with front suspension, front and rear suspension (full-suspension), or no suspension. They are not as efficient and light as road bikes, and they also have fat tires. Mountain bikes are hard to pedal on pavement and ride best on terrain.

There are several types of mountain bikes to choose from, including:

  • All-mountain bikes
  • Trail bikes
  • Downhill bikes
  • Cross-country bikes
  • Fat tire bikes

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are great for the person whose lifestyle includes riding. It is one of the most popular types of bikes. They are versatile and great for use on different surfaces.

Touring bikes get built for comfort for those starting, long-distance riders, commuters, touring riders, those on a big adventure, and anyone who wants to ride, even work.

Some characteristics of touring bikes include:

  • Strong
  • Wide handlebars
  • Heavyweight
  • Internal gear hubs
  • Same geometry as touring bike
  • Multiple mounting points on the frame

BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are great for riders who want to show off skills and have adrenaline-pumping fun while riding. BMX stands for bicycle motocross and is typically practiced off-road. BMX bikes are easy to spot because their wheels and frame are smaller. They make for excellent skate park riding.

In addition to being fun to ride, BMX bikes are suitable for tricks, speed, and standing up to twists and turns since they are virtually indestructible. Both kids and adults love BMX bikes.

Motorized Bikes

A motorized bike is any bike that has an engine. That includes dirt bikes, motorcycles, touring, standard, and dual purpose. They are faster than bikes with pedals, and many need a license and tags. As with a bike with pedals, selecting the motorized bike that fits your lifestyle depends on whether you need a bike for pleasure or function. They vary in size and capabilities.

Once you have a motorized bike, you will have to shop for accessories and parts for repairs just like you would any other vehicle. Finding dirt bike parts and working on your bike can be a fun way to enjoy your new hobby and keep up with the maintenance.


As you have read, there are many options available if you are looking to purchase a bike. However, you want to pick the best one for your lifestyle. There are five bikes listed above. Using them as a starting point for choosing the right bike for your lifestyle is beneficial in helping you pick the right bike.