5 Staples When Starting A Skincare Routine

Skincare wasn’t a thing many years ago. If it was, it wasn’t as hyped as it has gotten in recent years. It’s good that people are now into skincare as it’s both hygienic and therapeutic. The quiet solitude of having a personal skincare routine benefits your well-being.

However, if you’re starting your skincare journey or want to start but are clueless about it, you’re on the right track. This article will guide you in creating a quick skincare routine for morning and night and the type of products you can start with.

Choosing Products For Your Skin Type

The first step to creating a skincare routine is knowing your skin type. Some products work best with certain skin types but don’t go well with others.

There are four skin types:

  • Normal skin has balanced oil and moisture levels and is usually soft and smooth. People with normal skin have small pores.
  • Dry skin falls short on oil and cannot hold moisture. It’s more susceptible to flaking, scaling, peeling, and fine lines.
  • Oily skin produces excess oil and is more prone to blackheads and whiteheads. People with oily skin also usually have larger pores.
  • Combination skin features two or more skin types on different areas of the face. For instance, some people with combination skin have an oily T-zone but normal skin in other areas.

Creating Your Own Skincare Routine

The key to creating a skincare routine that suits you is to start simple. This approach allows you to test products and ingredients and see which ones work or don’t. To start, you should prepare a simple set of essential skincare products, develop the habit of checking the ingredients, and build a consistent routine.

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Try to avoid buying everything that your favorite skincare guru recommends. Ancillary products such as face masks, retinol, and spot treatments will come once you’ve established your staples. Here are the five skincare products you should start with.

  1. Cleanser
    Choose a cleanser for your skin type. Essentially, you need an oil-based one to remove makeup and a water-based one to clean your skin further. Hydrating cleansers also work best with all skin types, so get your hands on those.Cleansing your skin should be the first step of your skincare routine. It should be done in the morning and night, except if you have dry skin. In that case, plain water in the morning will do.
  2. Toner
    Next, you need a toner in the morning and at night. It will help balance your skin pH to avoid redness, flaking, and other skin conditions. Like cleansers, you should choose a toner suitable for your skin type.For instance, if you have oily and acne-prone skin, look for a toner with salicylic acid, aloe vera, or tea tree oil. For dry and sensitive skin, find a hydrating toner with soothing ingredients but avoid those with alcohol, fragrances, and menthol.A toner with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and rose water will help reduce the fine lines of aging skin. For those with combination skin, find something that is still gentle to your skin.
  3. Serum
    Serums are concentrated with actives or potent ingredients that target specific skin concerns. They’re formulated to slip into the skin, making them highly effective. When choosing a serum, check what skin concern you want to resolve. Do you want to reduce your dark spots or address your pale, dry skin?There are serums for specific skin concerns, but check the ingredients since you might be allergic to some. Some serums also have actives that can easily trigger sensitive skin. Test a serum and see how your skin reacts to it as a safety measure. Consult a dermatologist, too, so you won’t spend much on serums that won’t even work for you.
  4. Moisturizer
    Oil-free and scent-free moisturizers are generally okay with all skin types. As such, searching for the best moisturizer based on your skin type is just searching for one with benefits that can target your skin concerns. Contrary to what some might say, oily skin also needs moisturizer, especially noncomedogenic moisturizers which don’t clog the pores. Otherwise, the lack of hydration will worsen excessive oil production. Consider using moisturizer if you have oily skin. Additionally, apply moisturizer in the morning and night to hydrate your skin.
  5. Sunscreen
     Finally, sunscreen should be a non-negotiable part of your skincare routine. Choose one with at least SPF 30 and apply it daily in the morning.There are two types of sunscreen: physical and chemical. Both type have pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide which works best for you. As long you apply this layer of protection daily, you’re good to go.

Stick to Schedule

Consistency is the key to creating a skincare routine that suits you. Some products may take time to work, so be patient to see whether or not they work for you.

A great skincare routine compensates well, whether for a good makeup base, a testament to your discipline, or a simple investment of your time. Regardless, it’s a worthwhile journey to self-appreciation and healthier well-being.

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