5 Most Powerful & Robust Gamification Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce?

Gamification is one of the most popular techniques that incorporates gamification elements into a non-contextual gamification environment. It helps the users reward their audience for the fulfillment of specific actions. The companies seek to leverage user engagement and loyalty metrics, encourage communication, collaboration, education, entertainment, and provide a source of inspiration for their users.

Furthermore, gamification is increasingly implemented in relevant marketing strategies, sports, social media sites, and online courses. It is often more popular among top-notch organizations and those just starting their own business.

Suppose you would like to incorporate gamification elements into your site with an appropriate amount of ease. In that case, this blog will provide you with great essence to choose the best WordPress and WooCommerce based gamification plugins. Moreover, we’ll also discuss the concept of gamification and why you should use it.

What is gamification?

Gamification is a powerful and robust strategic technique where game-based elements are used to transform your tasks into engaging activities. It helps users grab their visitors’ attention to leverage customer interaction and conversions.

The use of gamification techniques for your business does not only increase user engagement but also creates brand loyalty among your target users and potential customers. Also, you can ensure that your site visitors play simple games such as spin the wheel, quizzes, and contests.

All you need to do is click a button, answer questions, or complete some of the tasks to win points and multiple rewards. Gamification works for websites such as personalized blogs, online sites, quiz portals, learning management systems (LMS), and vice versa.

Why Do You Need a Gamification Plugin?

Nowadays, the concept of gamification is quite popular these days, and you’ll find a certain number of online tools to add game elements to your website. If you’re a WordPress site owner, you need to add gamification to your site to make an appropriate amount of ease with gamification plugins. They need to take care of the backend coding, so all you have to do is click certain buttons to set up various game-based elements on your site. Furthermore, you can even get multiple insights into the user’s activity and measure the customer’s behavior on your site. It helps the user understand the working and non-working aspects of your business.

Let’s discuss the most powerful and robust gamification plugins for the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

  • Gamification for WooCommerce

Gamification for WooCommerce is a powerful and robust plugin that helps you create a rewarding solution for your WordPress and WooCommerce store customers. By using gamification tactics, you can simply attract new potential customers while retaining the current ones to get them engaged effectively.

You can also instantly reward discount coupons to your WordPress and WooCommerce store customers when they reach a higher rank or earn a new badge.By using Gamification for WooCommerce, potential customers can pay their payment in multiple stages on WooCommerce checkout via their gamification points and the remaining amount via the active payment gateway.

  • myCred

myCred is a comprehensive and powerful gamification plugin that enables users to create a loyalty program to gamify their personalized website. Basically, it is a points management system that allows you to manage various digital rewards such as points, ranks, and badges.

By rewarding your customers with such rewards, you can simply increase the interaction and create loyalty to your brand. You can easily find the freemium version of this plugin on the WordPress repository, and it comes with unique game-based elements and features that make your website more engaging and versatile than ever before. However, you can easily upgrade to a premium plan anytime and get access to over 50 myCred add-ons to expand the functionality of your games.

  • Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce is a powerful WooCommerce extension that lets you convert your site visitors into potential customers by incorporating a “fortune wheel” into your website. The user can simply use this marketing tool to retain customers and leverage sales by offering fun-oriented and engaging discounts.

The customized wheel provides you with complete control over the text and color options to match them with your website theme. Also, if you want to make it more fun, you can add more wheel slices, each with a different prize, and vice versa. Furthermore, it helps you retain customers and easily configure the wheel’s display on exit intent, so the visitors can get an opportunity to spin the wheel before leaving. Eventually, you can set the time duration within which the wheel can be easily displayed.

  • GamiPress

GamiPress is another gamification plugin that provides the user with the easiest way to gamify your WordPress website in a few minutes. This lets you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

It makes it easy to figure out what the goals are, organizes a lot of different tasks, and lets you choose from a lot of different ways to make sure that each task or requirement is done and achieved in a short amount of time.

  • BadgeOS

BadgeOS is one of the powerful gamification plugins that enables you to transform your site into an achievable management system. Also, it allows the user to award multiple participants points, ranks, and achievements as per their skills and interactions on your WordPress or WooCommerce-enabled site. This plugin also enables you to define the necessary steps that the users require to pass to get a seamless achievement or badge.

Furthermore, BadgeOS enables you to customize and design your personalized badges within your WordPress dashboard. You can eventually set up badges for any combination of achievements. It allows your visitors to perform multiple tasks on your website in order to complete multiple combinations and get awarded. When talking about adding fun-oriented game-based elements, multiple plugins are available that offer a more attractive design to streamline your conversions to the next level.


In a nutshell, adding the game-base elements to your website is a seamless strategy that can be highly beneficial for your brand in the long term. The increased traffic and participation of users, along with a sense of progress, tempts users to feel good upon completing tasks that are usually meant for higher conversion rates. Hence, the aforementioned plugins help you to engage and motivate your site visitors to the next level.