5 Essentials Every School Teacher Needs

An elementary school teacher plays an important role in shaping a child’s future. However, as a teacher, there are essentials that you need to have in class for you and the students. Keep in mind that most elementary school teachers have to pay for some classroom supplies out of pocket. This article will look at the top five essentials every elementary school teacher needs.

1. Pencils

Pencils are the most important things you need in an elementary class. The teacher and pupils all use pencils for different kinds of activities around the classroom, from doing their assignments to drawing and shading. As an elementary teacher, you need to have a regular supply of sharpened pencils as well as a manageable process of sharpening them. This way, you can keep the students busy at all times while minimizing any form of disruptions. When school begins, it’s advisable to make the necessary arrangements to acquire surplus pencils.

2. Colored Writing Utensils and Dry Erase Markers

There are different types of colored writing pencils, crayons, markers, and pens. These stationeries are used for various purposes in the classroom, including giving feedback, creating charts, and keeping students engaged. Some of the most popular choices include flip chart markers, twistable colored pencils, sharpies, flair pens, and ink joy gel pens. Most teachers have varied tastes; hence, you can choose a utensil based on your taste and preference.

Like writing utensils, different teachers have different preferences when it comes to dry erase markers. However, a significant number of teachers prefer them as an essential item in the classroom. This is because of their performance as well as low odor.

3. Post-it-Notes

According to a recent survey, post-it notes have become one of the essential items needed by an elementary school teacher. This is mainly because of its multiple uses. Teachers use post-it-notes to:

  • Make observations about students during student forums
  • Make reminder notes
  • Take notes on a student’s behavior
  • For the students to take notes when reading
  • Place markers in journals for students to correct mistakes.
  • Find literary devices while reading.
  • Write positive notes to students.
  • Create graphs.

This is an essential item for teachers to have since they can never remember every tiny detail around the classroom. It’s also a creative way to reinforce the students positively. That being the case, it’s a common sight to see a post-it note in a classroom with several small writings.

4. Thermos-Flask

This is not necessarily one of those tools that a teacher needs to teach or supplement their lessons. However, this is mainly for the teacher’s benefit. It is not a secret that elementary school children can be very troublesome. As an elementary teacher, you need to constantly be on the lookout for naughty behavior. What better way to remain active all through school hours than a period sip of your warm cup of Kona coffee. In between the breaks or when the children are performing a task, you can treat yourself to a warm cup of coffee to help you focus.

5. Organizational supplies

Most elementary level students are disorganized and can often misplace a book, pencil, or other classroom supplies. As a teacher, you are also bound to get the student’s belongings mixed up, especially when handling a large number of students. To maintain your cool and effectively deliver on your role, it’s best to get an organizational system. At times your organization may seem disorganized to others; however, having an organizational system is one of the best ways to save yourself unnecessary headaches.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, be sure to get yourself these supplies;

  • File folders
  • Clear plastic envelopes
  • Turn in trays
  • Supply containers.
  • Binder clips or bulldog clips
  • Stikki clips
  • Ziplock bags
  • Velcro
  • Magnets

Each of these supplies can come in handy when you have to separate the children’s homework, assignments and projects. This way, you don’t have to deal with a messy pile of books, classroom supplies, and textbooks on your table. However, you need to find what works for you when developing an organizational system.

A classroom is a place of learning; as an elementary school teacher, you need to equip yourself with all the necessary tools and supplies. This way, you can effectively deliver on your mandate.