4 Unique Foods French Restaurants Can Serve Their Customers

France is famous for a lot of things, and one of them is its magnificent cuisine. Whether it be wines or cordials, scrumptious desserts, appetizers, soups or main meals, French cuisine just has it all. Here are some unique foods French restaurants can serve their customers:

Bouchées à la Reine

The translation means “bites to the Queen” but these starters are actually veal sweetbreads, diced chicken breast and mushrooms cooked in a butter and cream sauce and served piping hot in flaky vol au vent cases. A veal sweetbread is not necessarily sweet nor is it a kind of bread. It is the thymus gland and sometimes the pancreas of a calf. Bouchées a la reine are best served with a dry white wine. The sommelier will recommend one. Mushrooms are absolutely amazing alone, but when combined with chicken, the flavors that are created are absolutely out of this world. All these elements in this dish combine to form a symphony of flavor for all to enjoy.

Salade Provençale

As the name suggests, this salad is from Provence and has just about everything in it. This includes anchovies, eggs, tomatoes, garlic, red peppers, endives, cucumbers, onions, green beans and black olives, all tossed with olive oil, wine vinegar, and lemon juice. It will arrive at room temperature, ready for you to dig in. This is a salad for everyone to enjoy, it is a lovely and flavorful creation. There is a way to enjoy a salad, it is a tasty thing. The flavors in this baby will allow you to go on a flavor journey by sending your tastebuds to the farthest reaches of deliciousness and scrumptiousness. Salads are great, but this one is extra special in every single way you can think of. It conveys the old world of Provence and allows it to mingle with the modern day.

French Baguette Loaf

Though there are cooking shows that try and show you how to make a French baguette at home, it’s always best to get your French baguette loaf from a French restaurant or bakery. Frankly, making a perfect baguette with the right amount of crunch is an art form, and no one does it better than the French. There’s even a right way to eat it. Tear it with your hands and spread it with the best, softened sweet butter or mascarpone or a drizzle of the best quality olive oil. You may also dip it in your soup. Bite into it with your canines, as your front teeth can’t handle the crust, and chew one tiny piece at a time with your molars. French baguette bread is a wonderful creation and is incredibly versatile. They go great with soups and salads in particular.

Chevreuil Saint-Hubert

If you like game, you’ll love this main course dish. It’s made of small venison steaks, bacon, celery, carrots, and onions decorated with piped rosettes of chestnut puree and livened up with white wine, cream, red currant jelly, port, and other goodness. At the end, the chef sprinkles sprigs of watercress into the center of the plate, and voila! Since this is game meat, wash it down with a rich red burgundy. This is another amazing dish that will have your tastebuds singing from the moment you take your first bite. All the deliciousness will allow you to experience another entirely new realm of flavor.

These are just four of the many delights to be found while dining at a French restaurant. Grab your favorite people, turn off your cell phone, and take time to enjoy. You’ll have fond memories of your night out for a long, long time.