3 Ways to Upgrade Your Work Day

Whether you love your job or hate it, you’re still required to show up as an excellent employee. If you want to remain employed, it’s in your best interest to perform to the best of your ability. In addition to making sure you have the skill set to get the work done, find ways to upgrade your work experience as this can directly impact how well you perform on a daily basis. If you’re unsure of where to start, adopt these three practices in order to upgrade your work day.

1. Drown Out the Noise

If you’re working in the type of environment where you need to sit and focus for hours, look for ways to keep yourself focused. When you’re in a noisy office environment with coworkers who talk incessantly, you need to tune them out. Once you’ve said your pleasantries upon entering the workplace, go to your desk and put on your blue parrot headset. Whether you choose to turn on white noise, brown noise, or classical music, look for sounds that help you to focus on the tasks in front of you.

For many people, brown noise, white noise, and pink noise are helpful options. The frequencies of each noise option provide a different experience. For many people, brown noise is helpful because it helps people to feel as though they’re in a tunnel. These noise variations can also help people who struggle with ADHD or they’re considered neurodivergent.

If you’re a person who can listen to pop music without an urge to sing along, curate your own work playlist. If you need to take calls or talk to customers over the headset, you’ll already have it on in order to facilitate the conversations.

2. Time Your Processes

Take a look at how long it takes you to complete any given task. In fact, take one day to set the timer and track your progress. Once you’re clear on how long a task takes, consider keeping a timer nearby. Set the timer when you’re about to begin. When you track your time, it’s much easier to make sure you don’t waste it. When you can complete tasks in an efficient amount of time, you’re more likely to feel productive and accomplished by the end of the day.

Consider which tasks take the longest and which tasks require the most brain power. Take note of when you feel the most energized and efficient. If you’re more revived at the start of the day, take on the hardest tasks then. Once you’ve tracked your time and completed the hardest tasks, everything else will feel more like a walk in the park.

There are plenty of people who leave work with a sense of guilt or dread because they know they underperformed. One of the reasons people underperform is because they’re scrolling through social media apps, talking to coworkers, and getting off-task. By timing yourself, you can become more accountable to yourself, get more done and stand confidently as a proficient and efficient member of the workplace.

3. Uncover the Best Practices for Your Physical Well-Being

It’s pretty common for people to make sure they’re using great computers, state-of-the-art technology, and strong WiFi connections. Yet, they don’t take good care of themselves. You are the one responsible for doing an excellent job.

If you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair, this will impact the way you feel as the day progresses. Invest in a supportive chair. If the sunlight comes into your office and makes the room hotter as the day continues, hang some blackout curtains or install some blinds. You have to make sure you feel good enough to get the job done with excellence.

Learn what it takes to uncover how you can be a better performer in the workplace.

This also applies to your internal health. If you need to make some changes in your diet, it’s worth the effort. If you’re often feeling sluggish and sleepy after lunch, start to make healthier lunch choices. Opt for a healthy yet satiating salad instead of a few slices of pizza or a bowl of pasta. In order to remain alert and present, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating water-rich foods like watermelon and cucumbers. It might seem like these details don’t matter, but they can literally make or break your workplace experience.

As you look for ways to improve your workplace experience, don’t be afraid to advocate for what you need. While you don’t want to make ridiculous demands, it’s also important to note the conditions you need in order to be your best. By utilizing these tips and executing with excellence, you’ll increase your chances of delivering great performances on a daily basis.