15 Best Blockchain Startups to Let Your Projects Rise

Previously associated only with cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is actively entering other industries today. It allows companies to improve and secure some basic processes significantly. In this article, we will look at some of the blockchain startups so you can find inspiration to start your own one.

Blockchain Startups in FinTech 


A service for various online platforms that allows you to track any vital product information in real-time. Delivers clarity of all conducted transactions, which ensures trust between trading participants.

BitGive Foundation

This project aims to enhance the philanthropy sector. It allows you to track all payments so that donors can ensure that their money is sent where it was declared. Besides, this solution eliminates mistrust of charitable foundations.


A retail startup that allows you to combine loyalty cards into a joint system and conduct cross-platform trades. The solution involves basic blockchain technologies, including smart contracts.

Pic. Loyyal 


The startup extends relations between blockchain fintech firms and traditional financial departments. The service employs technologies to track fraudulent transactions with cryptocurrencies or sponsorship of terrorists and prohibited organizations.


It is obligatory to mention the most famous startup Ethereum. It has its own ETH cryptocurrency and is also a platform for creating various decentralized applications. Among other things, the project actively uses the technology of smart contracts. Ethereum can also be considered the basis for many other startups.

Thus, blockchain can improve many FinTech processes. So you can still create an exciting startup that captivates the masses.

Blockchain Startups for IT

Blockchain is no less actively used for startups related to the entire IT sector.


This is cloud storage with the most elevated level of security. The data can be accumulated and examined; however, it cannot be changed by third parties or stolen. The startup is very useful for all industries where cloud data safety is critical.


The startup was designed based on the Ethereum blockchain. It lets systems scale and improves the security of all entered data. One of their clients is Parity with their platform for intra-corporate communications.


The platform has a lot in common with the previous startup. Their main task is to increase the security of financial systems. Also, Blockstream provides advice to businesses wishing to incorporate blockchain into their software solutions.


A large and ambitious startup employs smart blockchain technologies to find employees to perform specific tasks. The platform also keeps the possibility of remote coworking and is essentially a variation of a social network for work. Moreover, Colony delivers its own cryptocurrency, “nectar.”

Pic. Colony interface


Example of integration of blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). It also utilizes smart contracts based on Ethereum. Combining these technologies allows enhanced interaction with smart devices, such as locks, lamps, etc., using a smartphone.

If you have an idea for building your own IT startup with blockchain, you can share it with an experienced software vendor who will help bring it to life.

Blockchain Healthcare Startups

The healthcare sector can be enhanced with the use of blockchain startups as much as others. And some successful solutions have already been created:

Hashed Health

This platform aims to strengthen healthcare models, enhance service quality, and interact with patients. Hashed Health has partnered with healthcare giants such as Martin Ventures and Fenbushi Capital.


The creators of Gem are trying to force the medical industry to implement blockchain technology in their software. They also pay great attention to environmental issues, such as increased energy consumption and carbon emissions. The startup has its blockchain-based operating system called GemOS.


The platform aims to simplify patients’ input of confidential information and advance its protection. Smart contracts technology was implemented to reach the project’s goals. Consequently, user data has become much better protected

Pic. MedRec interface

Blockchain Health Co.

In this case, the purpose was to enhance the interaction between doctors and patients. Thus, patient data is available to both parties but cannot be changed or stolen by third parties. Blockchain technology provides 100% security in this matter.


This project aims to prevent medical data falsification. Blockchain technology allows you to track every action with information, so in the event of an unauthorized change, it will be straightforward to find out who and when committed this action.

So, as you can see, blockchain technology dramatically speeds up and simplifies medical software evolution.


As you can see, there is a growing interest in blockchain today among startups and large businesses. It’s time to create your startup to help you become the new technology market leader in your chosen industry. Find an experienced software provider and start building your own striking startup. 

Author’s bio:

Yuliya Melnik is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It is a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. She is passionate about innovative technologies that make the world a better place and loves creating content that evokes vivid emotions.