11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Singapore for Tourists

Singapore is home to several beautiful and pristine beaches and they promise to offer a lot of fun, excitement and adventure to tourists. Here’s taking a closer look at some of the top options that you can consider.

  1. Siloso Beach – Siloso Beach is one of the most happening destinations in Sentosa. If you love adventure activities like beach volleyball, canoeing, water jets and more, you will love this beach without a doubt! Siloso Beach also offers a plethora of shopping and dining destinations. There are several eateries lining the coastline along with several pizza and fast food joints. You will find numerous charming cafes in the area as well. Live music junkies will greatly appreciate the experience too.
  2. Tanjong Beach – Tanjong Beach lies on Sentosa Island, being a pristine and secluded island which stands out for its natural beauty. Sentosa Island gets innumerable visitors every year. The beach offers ample scope for tranquility and relaxation alike. The beach stays secluded and quiet on the weekdays and the evenings are beautiful with cruise ships sailing along. The beach is nestled on a crescent bay and surrounded by innumerable trees. The sand here is beautifully white and the waters are warm and ideal for swimming to your heart’s content. Tanjong Beach is also pet-friendly. The Tanjong Beach Club is a key landmark with deck chairs, a swimming pool and cabanas along with hosting live music events every month.
  3. Palawan Beach – Palawan Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Singapore. It lies in the middle of the island while getting a magnificent suspension bridge which has viewing towers for company. You can clamber up for gorgeous 360-degree views of the shimmering waters along with beautiful jungles and the water. The soft and lovely white sands will delight you while you can swim nicely in the calm sea. Palawan is the nearest point to the Equator and it offers a picturesque ambiance. It is only walking distance from the Tanjong Beach while offering numerous activities and attractions. There are several families and solo travelers here along with couples. KidZania is another attraction nearby.
  4. Punggol Beach – Punggol Beach feels like a tropical sea-side destination that will delight tourists immensely. It is the site of the unfortunate Sook Ching Massacre in 1942 and is basically a rural area which was home to wild pigs earlier. The area has been neatly cleaned up and transformed in recent times. It is a tranquil getaway in Northern Singapore where you can go swimming and enjoy the beautiful beach as well. Punggol is a great destination for those who love nature and photographers while there are several boulders and stunning beach views. The Punggol Settlement is another fantastic area which has several eateries and restaurants along with bicycle rentals. You will love exploring the Lorong Halus Wetlands and the Punggol Promenade, along with the Punggol Waterway Park.
  5. Changi Beach – Changi Beach is a part of the beautiful Changi Beach Park, a park covering 3.3 kilometres with beautiful stretches of golden sands. The beach is still akin to a traditional Asian floating village or kampong, making for a charming affair by all means. You can reach via the Changi Ferry Terminal which is adjacent to the beach. There are several barbecue pits along with kayak and canoe rental shops in tandem with alfresco dining restaurants. Changi Beach is highly preferred for relaxing and you can camp at many places here. The Sea Sports Club is also known for offering courses in kayaking.
  6. Lazarus Island – The Lazarus Island is linked by a bridge to St. John’s Island. This is only a few minutes away from the bridge that goes till the C-shaped lagoon and one of the softest white beaches in Singapore. The beach is mostly secluded and silent on weekdays and is ideal for swimming and long walks. It is a popular picnic spot too with several beautiful trees dotting the beach and rain shelters as well. It is best to carry your own food and other things since amenities are sparse in the stretch. You can also walk back to the St. John’s Island and rent another boat for exploring nearby islands like Kusu.
  7. John’s Island – Singapore has several enchanting offshore islands that offer adventurous possibilities galore! Those coming to St. John’s Island will enjoy the tranquil surroundings and mangroves nearby. There are beautiful caves dotting the island along with golden and soft beaches with abundant coral reefs. You will love the lagoons and multiple picnic spots on this island. This has one of the best beaches in Singapore while you will be surprised to know that the place is also called cat island owing to its huge population of cats in the past. This island is suitable for a day trip since accommodation is hard to come by. You will have to hop onto a ferry from the main Marina South Pier in Singapore.
  8. East Coast Beach – The biggest park in Singapore covers a whopping 15 kilometres beside the ocean, right on the southeastern coastline. The beach is a man-made one that spans reclaimed land and offers numerous spots for sunbathing. The huge park size offers plenty of opportunities for windsurfing, kayaking and swimming. You will find several activities taking place on the beach in the mornings including Tai Chi classes and photography opportunities at the Bedok Jetty. There are walking and cycling pathways along with restaurants facing the ocean, sites for camping, barbecue pits and more. You can also check out the Xtreme SkatePark along with cycling and cable skiing options.
  9. Kusu Island – Kusu Island is a beautiful location that has its own traditional legends and mysteries. This means Tortoise Island and is a shrine dedicated to a massive tortoise that saved two men from death. There are several tortoise inhabiting Kusu Island and make for a major attraction for visitors. Kusu comes with spellbinding architecture, picturesque lagoons and secluded beaches that you will love exploring. You can also try the fabulous bars here including Coastes, The Jolly Roger and Holland Village. Kusu Island is half an hour away from the South Marina Pier via ferry, right next to the Marina South Pier MRT Station. Upon arriving at the pier, you can purchase your tickets from the booths of the Singapore Island Cruise.
  10. Pulau Ubin Island – Pulau Ubin Island was a former granite quarry although tourism started increasing for its location, part of the IBA (Important Bird Area) in Ubin-Khatib, which houses several endangered species as well. Pulau Ubin is one of the rural zones in Singapore although you should be ready for a rural ambiance with mostly villages and wooden jetties. The island is located near Changi Point Ferry Terminal and is an ideal day trip. The final kampong in Singapore is located here amidst coconut and rubber plantations and hiking pathways. Pulau Ubin has several small and secluded beaches amidst the mangroves along with higher privacy and amazing water views. The Chek Jawa wetland is a famous spot along with the lagoon.
  11. Pasir Ris Beach – Narrow Beach or Pasir Ris Beach is a wonderful choice for indulging in outdoor sports and taking part in night camps. You can cook at any one of the barbecue pits here along with bird-watching, indulging in tasty dishes at Georges, Five Rabbits Bistro and going horseback riding and mangroves. Pasir Ris (EW1) is the MRT Station that is nearest to this beach. You can also take a bus numbered 403 from the Pasir Ris Bus Interchange and come down to the Pasir Ris Road Entrance. You can also walk along the Broadwalk from the Pasir Ris Drive 3 point.

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