10 Best Period Underwear That Makes You Feel Comfortable


Are you pissed off with the discomfort and itchiness of pads and tampons but prefer them to anything else? We have a perfect solution for you – Period Underwears. Over the past several years, period care products have drastically evolved, including period underwear.

Innumerable brands have popped up that can absorb menstrual fluid to leave you comfortable. Do you know most menstrual underwear could hold the amount of blood that a tampon can do? So, if you want to make period underwear occupy a place in your period care aisle, keep reading till the end.

What Is A Period Underwear?

In simple terms, period underwear is a special type of undergarment designed for women that holds menstrual blood. It is an alternative to disposable period care products like pads, pantyliners, or tampons. They have multiple layers of absorbent materials to collect a considerable amount of fluid. Period underwears come in different styles and designs to ensure the maximum comfort of the users during heavy-flow days.

What Benefits And Downsides Of A Good Period Underwear Can Provide?

Period Underwear offers a myriad of benefits along with downsides at the same time. The benefits are strong enough to convince you to use them. Let’s begin.

Benefits Of Period Underwear

  • The shape in which it is made cuts down on waste, making it too comfortable to wear.
  • They are softer and gentler on your skin than pads.
  • It cuts the number of disposable wastes that go into the environment due to the use of periods and tampons.
  • Period underwear can save your cost of purchasing packs of tampons and pads.

Downsides Of Period Underwear

  • It doesn’t work out for everyone. Many users even have reported more discomfort than tampons or pads.
  • Due to extra layers of absorbent and fabric, it looks bulged out under your trousers.
  • There are risks of stains and leaks.
  • During heavy flow days, it may feel damp and cause itches.

Top 10 Best Period Underwear For You

The two main criteria that matter while purchasing period care stuff are comfort and absorbency. Considering these two criteria, we have presented a full list of 10 best period underwear for you. Take a look:

1. Topnotch Period Underwear From Every Aspect – Modibodi

2. Best Category of Diversified Styles -Thinx

Thinx period underwear varies from 5 different absorbency levels starting from the lightest to super. The best thing about the Thinx brand is that the range of styles they have will match anyone’s taste. You will not only get full coverage briefs but also have thongs available. It is made of a cotton gusset that absorbs blood and nylon. These materials give the ultimate level of comfort and you will get a silky smooth feeling every time you put it on. The available sizes range from XS to 4X.

3. Best Patterns, And Laces – Knix

There are a number of products in the market that may give a crumpy feeling, but Kinx is an exception here. Its period underwear is composed of modal, lace, cotton, and printed slick nylon to ensure maximum comfort and protection. The most unique thing about it is its odor control technology made of absorbent polyester carbon-infused fabric. This period underwear is available in all sizes, from XS to XXXXL.

4. Best For Heavy Flow Day – Bambody

I understand how challenging your days of heavy flow are. But Babbody’s period underwear is there to save you on all those days. From price to material and absorbency, this underwear is way too good. Made of bamboo materials, these full-coverage briefs are ultra-soft. You will get it in sizes from XXS to 6XL.

5. Best Absorbent Period Underwear – The Period Company The High Waisted

Being one of the leaders in the period underwear, this one is high-waisted and can hold the blood of 10 tampons. The materials include spandex and organic cotton as per the claims made by The Period Company. In addition, you will get 6 colors to choose from, like Forest and Mahogany, along with sizes XS to  6XL.

6. Ultra Protection Underwear – Aisle

This brand stands out in the market when it comes to period underwear. It feels less bulky in spite of having layers of absorbents. The super absorbency of 4 tampons makes the product incredibly protective. Overall, Aisle Period protection underwear is very soft and keeps you dry even during humid summer days. All the features make it perfect, especially for wearing at night. The sizes of Aisle period underwear range from XS to 5XL.

7. The Saalt Elemental Mesh Hipster

The Saalt underwears are one of their own kinds. It is one of the most top-rated period underwear with a design of absorbing what 2-3 tampons can. It is made of a stretchy mid-rise waistband and sheer mesh. At present, this underwear comes in sizes XS to XXXL and colors including Quartz Blush and Desert Sand.

8. Organic Period Underwear – Cora

Are you trying to maintain environmental sustainability even during your chums? Then try Cora period underwear out. It absorbs the blood worth 3 tampons; however, we recommend you to put it on during medium to heavy flow days. This pair is flexible, comfortable, and has a silky smooth finish. The sizes available range from XS to XXXL in single, triple, and 5 packs.

9. Best Reusable Period Underwear – Rael

The period underwear of Rael is considered to be the most reusable one. With the capacity to absorb as much as 3 tampons, this pair is just like everyday underwear. With 4 carbonated absorbent layers, it ensures protection against odors and moisture. You will get this product from small to XL in a pack of 3, 2, and 1.

10. Best Period Underwear For Tension-Free Sleep – Aerie

Although it’s a bit bulky, Aerie period underwear is super comfortable. It can absorb two regular tampons upto 10 ml. The size range is from XXS to XXL. However, the choices of colors and styles are limited. Its fit is similar to Aerie’s boy brief style.

Wrapping It Up

Because, during those tough days, protection is the only thing that only matters to every girl out there. Other than this, comfort also matters as you have to wear it for at least 3-7 days. All the above-mentioned underwears are the epitome of comfort and protection that also at affordable prices. They can also be worn as Teen Panties during those days of the month.

So, are you convinced now to leave the era of tampons and sanitary pads and step your foot in a new world of period underwear? Do let us know what you think in the comment area below about this innovative period care product.

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