Why Do Eyelashes Grow Slow


Ever wondered why lashes don’t grow the same length as the hairs in the head and why do these delicate lash hair seemingly take forever to grow back when they fall? If yes, please do read on as this article comprehensively discusses the lash growth cycle, the reasons for slow lash growth, and how to get it fixed.

The average duration that lashes take to grow back after falling out

There are about 90 to 160 eyelashes on the upper lid in a healthy person and about 75 to 80 lashes on the lower lid. These lashes go through three phases during their life cycle. The growth phase (anagen), the decay phase (catagen), and the resting phase are the three phases of a lash’s life cycle (telogen). 12 The lash falls out after the telogen phase, and the life cycle starts over with a new lash in the anagen phase. A lash’s daily growth rate is 0.12–0.14 mm. The anagen phase lasts between four and ten weeks, while the entire life cycle lasts between four and eleven months. The growth rate and duration of the anagen phase are less than that of the scalp hair studies. This is the reason why lashes grow slowly and are very short. The lash length rarely exceeds 12 mm in a normal person.

If you feel that your lashes are growing slower than the duration mentioned above, you can consider some of the below mentioned things that can slow down this natural process –

Trichotillomania: People with this illness may experience uncontrollable desires to remove hair from their head, brows, and lashes.

Chemo: If you’re having chemotherapy that affects hair growth, you should expect to lose your hair within two to four weeks after starting treatment. Within a few weeks after you’ve finished chemo, your hair should start to regrow.

Hereditary: Some people’s eyelashes shed a little more than others due to genetic and hereditary issues.

Menopause: During and after menopause, it’s typical to lose eyelashes, eyebrows, and scalp hair. During menopause, the body generates less estrogen. Hair formation on the body is affected by the loss of hair follicles during menopause. As a result, the eyelashes thin out and become shorter.

Eye make-up products: Mascaras are the biggest culprit here as they are known for making your lashes brittle and thereby making them more prone to breakage. Also, using substandard eye make-up products like eyelash hair growth serum, eyeliners, and las extensions can make your lashes fall.

Tips that can help you speed up eyelash hair growth

Use an eyelash hair growth serum: An eyelash serum is a dense oil like substance that can help fast eyelash growth. It is made of several ingredients that can strengthen the existing lashes and serve as an eyelash booster. A healthy lash looks more dark, thick, and full. It also stimulates the regrowth of lashes in places they have fallen off giving you a more fuller look. Eyelash serums can be applied on the upper lid everyday at night for the best results.

Avoid stress: Many organs of our body feel the grunt when we get stressed and the lashes are no exception. Stress affects the hormone levels in the body which in turn affects the lash growth cycle. So, the next time you get stressed, remember that you are ruining your lashes too along with several other things.

Munch on a healthy diet: What we eat reflects in our skin and hair. The key to getting long, thick, and dark is to gorge on a healthy diet. A simple idea to know if you are including all the essential nutrients is to check your plate for the natural color of the food. The more colorful they are, like the green in dark leafy vegetables, the red in the beets, the yellow in the papers, and the red in the tomatoes, the healthier they are.

Avoid falsies and extensions: Falsies and lash extensions may seem like easy fixes to thin and dull lashes. But, they come with a plethora of harmful effects that can cause problems like lashes to fall out. In extreme cases, they can cause irreversible, permanent damages too.

Stop plucking your lashes: Plucking the lashes forcibly is the last thing you want to do. Always remember that it just takes a few lashes to get those lash hairs on your fingertips. But, it is going to take weeks to get them growing again. And all during this phase, you are not only going to live with thin lashes but also feel guilty for having pulled such delicate hairs out.

Keep them clean: Use a lash brush to comb through the fine lashes. This can help you remove the dirt and keep them clean. Brush the lashes twice a day for the best results.

Bottom line:

Though lashes have a slower growth cycle can definitely be regrown. Using the best product for eyelash growth is the scientific approach to get back your lashes naturally.