What Are The Types Of LASIK Surgery And The Approx? Cost For Each?

LASIK Surgery

Vision-related issues are a common occurrence. They may be faced by any individual in the form of near-sightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. People often resort to refractive surgery for the rectification of such issues. A surgical procedure aims to curtail reliance on lenses and glasses. In recent times a host of surgical procedures are available. Among such options, laser eye surgery has become widely popular.

Taking a wise call

Corrective eye surgery is also known as ‘laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses’. Laser is used for the effective removal of corneal tissue. This procedure can help to treat numerous vision-related issues. The reshaping of the cornea helps to get a clear vision because the entire method involves the proper entry of light. The procedure is pain-free and takes fifteen to twenty minutes. One vital question may now arise in your mind. How much does a Lasik laser eye surgery cost? A surgeon will recommend the best option for the patient. In the following write-up, you will come across the different surgery options of modern times.


The most common type of procedure involves the use of a sterile blade to create a hinged flap within the eye. Thin layers from the cornea are removed. The procedure is carried out with laser technology. Do you want to know how much a Lasik laser eye surgery cost?


The surgeon relies on the laser instead of the blade for reshaping the cornea. It is less intrusive in nature and also gives more effective results, in comparison to the laser.

Wavefront Lasik

The modern technique involves the generation of a three-dimensional scan. In this way, a map detailing the cornea is created. This procedure can give accurate results with a high chance of attaining improved 20/20 vision.

Before the procedure

The surgeon makes a thorough evaluation. Such eye screening aims to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for this type of procedure. First of all, you need to have healthy eyes. For this purpose, the surgeon evaluates the pupil size, cornea shape, cornea thickness, presence of moisture, retina condition, and any other prevailing condition. Follow the guidelines stipulated by the surgeon. The eye doctor will recommend you stop wearing lenses for a specific period. A competent surgeon at this juncture will point out the expected outcome.

During the procedure

The surgeon will administer local anesthesia so that the patient remains comfortable. He may even prescribe medications to take away the discomfort of patients. The numbness of the eyes helps in their accurate positioning before the laser is applied. A lid speculum tool helps to keep the eyelids open. Before the creation of a flap, the eye doctor may make a marking of the eye cornea with an ink marker. The next step involves the use of a microkeratome for the creation of the thin flap. Eye movement may influence the flap quality. To curtail such motion suction ring may be utilized.

Gain an insight

After the creation of the flap, the next step is peeling. Do not fret. The procedure is painless. The surgeon relies on the computer to adjust the laser based on the refractive requirements of the patient. The patent is advised to focus on the light for a specific duration. The surgeon uses a microscope for observation purposes. Laser technology is used for the transmission of light pulses. The process involves reshaping the corneal tissue and placement of the flap. For each eye, the procedure may vary between five to ten minutes.

After the procedure

After the completion of the procedure, the surgeon will prescribe you rest for some time. At this juncture, you may experience blurring vision, enhanced eye pressure, or a burning feeling accompanied by an itching sensation. After a while, the eye doctor will conduct an examination. You may even experience dryness and unclear vision for a temporary period. Under such circumstances, you should not drive. The surgeon may prescribe eye drops for the prevention of dryness, infection, or inflammation of any kind.

Taking a rational stand

Get in touch with a leading clinic for availing of advanced vision correction procedures. The facility you select should be a reputed one in the industry. The centre must use the latest tools and technologies.