Various Physiotherapy Treatments For Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Nowadays, a busy and active lifestyle has led to many health issues. Many people experience an injury due to their physical activity or high-intensity sports. Hence, it is obvious that injuries are a common thing among athletes who participate in sports, training, and different fitness activities.

Knowing about the pains or injured areas, so they don’t get worse is where physiotherapy plays an active role. Managing sports injuries often need physical rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy is a great treatment to rebuild movement and strength in body parts after an injury. It focuses on the science of mobility. In the physiotherapy treatment, the root cause of the injury is identified and then the effective treatment is started.

There are many professional sports physiotherapists and fitness experts in Dee Why and other areas who offer the best physio services for sportspeople and athletes as needed.

The therapists provide holistic care for body pains or discomforts. They use a variety of physiotherapy treatments according to your injury. This article discusses common treatments used by physiotherapists.

  • Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment designed to relieve pain and tightness in the muscles. During the process, the practitioner inserts multiple filiform needles into the affected area. These needles are made of stainless steel and do not inject any fluids into the body. Thus, the term “dry” is used.

Benefits :

  • Provides relief from muscular pain
  • Improves flexibility
  • Relieves stiffness
  • Joint Mobilisation

When joints become stiff or dysfunctional due to excessive use, disuse or trauma, their normal movements get affected. Joint mobilisation is a technique used by physiotherapists to restore optimum joint movements through back and forth oscillations of the joint.

Benefits :

  • Reduces pain
  • Relieves tightness of joints
  • Decreases muscles spasms and tension
  • Posture Retraining

Posture is the way you hold your body while sitting, standing or laying down. In physiotherapy treatment, posture retraining refers to the correction and betterment of poor and slouched posture. It involves tips, training and exercises to achieve great posture again.

Benefits :

  • Strengthens weak muscles
  • Improves round shoulders
  • Stretches overused muscles
  • Myofascial Release

Myofascial release treatment aims at releasing muscular tightness and shortness. The technique is performed by applying gentle pressure or low load stretch to the affected area. Conditions treated through myofascial release include joint pain, headache, muscle pain, overuse of hip or shoulder, and many other discomforts in the body.

Benefits :

  • Releases knots or trigger points
  • Improves flexibility, pain and muscle function
  • Enhances the circulation of blood flow in tight areas
  • Active Rehabilitation

When a person is unable to play or work after a major accident or injury, an active rehabilitation program is prescribed by most physicians. The program is designed according to a patient’s needs and involves improving the level of function of the body.

Benefits :

  • Gets a person back to pre-injury state
  • Improves movement
  • Reduces and eliminates pain
  • Hands-On Treatment

Hands-on treatment or manual therapy is a technique used by physiotherapists in which they use their hands to mobilise and massage the affected pain areas. It requires physiotherapists with a wealth of experience in managing hand movements according to the injuries.

Benefits :

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces pain and stiffness
  • Improves movements of body parts

Whether you’re facing problems with mobility or any discomforting pain, speaking with a knowledgeable physiotherapist is important. Modern physiotherapy techniques have shown positive results and cured a large number of injuries. There are many chronic pain rehabilitation programmes introduced to help people lead a pain-free life. Every injury requires a particular treatment, which can only be provided by an experienced fitness expert. So consult the best therapist and get an apt treatment for your problem.

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