What Type of Outboard Motor is Best for My Boat?

Outboard Motor

An engine is a crucial part of a boat. It’s the component that gets the boat always moving. Depending on the type and make of the boat depend on how powerful the motor is. Some boats are built to be leisurely driven while others are meant to go fast on the water. Each person wants their own thing and that’s the beauty of having all these different options. There are different marine engine and propulsion systems in the market now and they include outboard, inboard, jet drive, and sterndrive.

Outboard Motors (engines)

A mercury marine outboard motor is a unit that entails the engine, the propeller, and the gearbox. The engine is mounted to the boat’s back in a way that makes it hang outside the hull. The engine’s function is to power and steers the boat. This means the engine must be able to move up and down for trailering and trimming, and side to side while steering. While larger vessels have steering wheels, smaller boats can be steered manually using a hand tiller.

The gear case and the engine propeller are submerged during use to enable the boat to plane quickly and be agile while turning or docking. This type of engine is versatile and is commonly used for water sports, fishing, and pleasure boating. Interestingly, boats that have been designed for an outboard engine usually come without an engine. This means the boat owner must buy an engine separately. Therefore, if you plan on buying a boat engine, then you need to know the different types of engines, their features, and the pros and cons of each type of engine so you can make an informed decision when buying the engine.

Types of outboard motors

Electric engines

If you own a small boat, then you should consider getting an electric engine. Electric engines are quiet, low maintenance, and lightweight. In addition, when you use an electric engine, you will use less fuel and save on fuel costs in the long run. Moreover, you will just need to charge the electric engine overnight and the boat will be ready for use. Electric engines have other advantages; they do not produce any exhaust gases and do not cause unnecessary waves.

LP gas engine

The LP gas engine is a great option for a small boat or a sailboat. Not only is liquid propane available in the US, but many boats are currently using it for their stoves. Therefore, adding an engine that uses LP gas also can make boating easier. You have access to the materials whenever you need them. In addition, propane engines are more efficient. Furthermore, since the liquid propane gas is stored more compressed, the engine is easy to start. This is less tedious for those who are ready to get on the water.

Diesel engine

Diesel engines are more affordable, less fire hazardous, and more long-lasting than gasoline engines. In addition, their exhaust has less carbon monoxide than gasoline engines. These are more efficient for those who are ready to drive as soon as they hit the water. These engines are built to last and are meant to last. However, the engine has a very big weight and size. So always be careful if there is a time when you need to deal with a diesel engine as they are not easy to move around.

Gasoline engine

Gasoline engines are lightweight, compact, and quiet compared to diesel engines. These types of engines are efficient when it comes to moving around. They are easy to fill as the gasoline is accessible with the right materials. However, the gasoline engine’s fuel consumption is higher, and the fuel is costlier. Environmental-wise, these types of engines are not great. They may be easy to work with but the price of constantly refilling them does add up.


If you want to choose the best engine for your boat, there are some factors you should consider. These factors include the size of your boat, the horsepower, the length of time you will be spending on the water, and the destination. It’s best to understand how many times you plan to take your boat out as those costs tend to add up. If you don’t take it out often then your engine choices might be different than someone who goes out regularly. In addition, you should weigh the pros and cons of the different engines and select one that suits your needs and preferences. These details are important to consider when you are looking at the different engine options.

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