Style Tips to Simplify your Office and Casual Wardrobes

While you may have had moments where you wished you had every option in the world right there in your wardrobe, more often than not, we hate to see our closets looking overwhelming and becoming overflowing. Instead, try simplifying your wardrobe for a much more satisfying space, much easier to assemble ensembles (which means less frustration, time and energy for you in the mornings), much more money in the bank and much less laundry piling up! We’re all for simplifying our wardrobes without sacrificing style, so if you’re looking for some tips to get you started, we’ve simplified that, too!

A Simple Starting Point

Even if you create the most incredible and cohesive outfits in your mind and add every piece to your current wardrobe, there’s always a good chance that you still struggle and stress as you try on outfits for the day — and there’s a good chance that that’s because there are so many pieces that don’t belong! When it comes to simplifying your wardrobe, the first step is to remove any stained, ripped, faded, ill-fitting or outgrown (whether physically or fashionably) pieces. If you have a lot of pieces that you’ve slightly outgrown physically or simply outgrown fashionably, it can be hard to get rid of them so consider donating them for the additional motivation and impact that doing something good can have! Along with ridding your wardrobe of the above, you’ll also want to remove any seasonal items to create a more efficient space. But don’t worry — these can just be stored for when the seasons change!

If you’re someone who only buys wardrobe pieces like bargain bundled three for $15 shoes because you wear through them and throw them out frequently, this may be a good time to consider simplifying this process along with your wardrobe by throwing out your pile of not-so-good shoes and investing in a quality pair of cute washable shoes for women that don’t have to be discarded and don’t disappoint.

One Is Enough… If It’s THE One

Rather than owning an entire assortment of one type of item (Does “it was so cute that I had to get it in every color” sound familiar? How about “I don’t need another pair of pants but I can’t pass these up!”), we recommend feeling how stress-free and favorable it is to keep just a few of your favorite options in each category. Not only will this simplify the dressing experience and help you establish a personal or professional image more solidly, but a wardrobe filled with ONLY items you adore will also be a wardrobe that makes you adore yourself and life a lot more! As if all of this wasn’t enough, keeping a limited number of alternatives and repeats will ensure that they’re always fresh and wrinkle-free, thanks to far less laundry!

Knowing Your Style Is Essential

Once you’ve rid your wardrobe of any stained, ripped, faded, ill-fitting and outgrown pieces, take a good look at what you have left over. Do these pieces all share anything in common? Finding a common connection between them all will help you understand your style, so try to look for things like: your color palette, recurring patterns or prints and your preferences for particular necklines, sleeve styles, pant cuts or waists. No matter what your style, there’s a good chance that the pieces you’re left with are classics — pieces that you’ve never doubted and have done their due diligence while being durable enough to still be here. The classics in your closet have transcended all trends and still work for you today, so when it comes to shopping for new stuff to fill the gaps that you’ve just made, we encourage you to call some more classics in to create the core of your closet. And while constantly changing fashion trends are fun, finding a timeless style that showcases your true self is much more satisfying, functional and, as counterintuitive as it may seem, even more fashionable! Most women would agree that pieces like quality comfortable flats with cushioning, cute cotton button-downs with simple stripes, quality camisoles and cute jeans are all key when it comes to timeless classics and are pieces that can be catered slightly to suit your style even more perfectly.

Similarly (but still meant to be kept separate) to the personal style and preferences that you’ve just uncovered is the professional identity that you hope to create. Knowing what you’re hoping to portray is priority before you can begin pursuing any pieces — so give it some thought! There’s a good chance that your professional identity doesn’t stray all that far from your personal one, though. So if you’re having a hard time here, you know where to look for inspiration!

Your Basics Are Basically Everything

Your casual and office wardrobes can collide through at least one category, and that’s your basics. And while your personal and professional basics don’t have to be cohesive, they very often are anyway. When attention is given to the options and it’s done right, your basics can actually completely cover the two categories with little need for much else — let alone two different sets! The basics in both categories include your socks, hosiery, underwear, bras, camisoles and tank tops, t-shirts, button-downs, simple pants and slacks, jeans, simple skirts and comfortable shoes. To integrate your two wardrobe basics in the most basic of ways, it’s best practice to purchase these pieces in neutral colors (or colors within your closet’s color palette, if you have one) and pick ONLY quality materials. It doesn’t get more basic than that, right?

Sidestep Restrictions in Simple Ways

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a stuck at work mechanic, you should at least be able to feel comfortable and cute in your own clothes. So if you’re a stay at home mom and you’re bound to baggy shirts that are constantly accumulating stains, then embrace it in a way that’s going to make you look and feel your best! Consider purchasing a comfortable oversized button-down with a pattern that highlights your eyes as much as it hides the stains. If you’re a stuck at work mechanic, then consider embracing your steel toe style with comfortable work shoes for women in any color that calls to your character! No matter what fashion limitations and restrictions you’re bound to, you can always find a simple way to showcase your style.