4 Tips for Cooling That One Room in Your House That Always Seems Warm

Many houses have that one room that catches the sun for most of the day and ends up being much too warm to enjoy. Turning up the central air conditioning can make the rest of the house uncomfortably cold, so getting that room to the right temperature can be a challenge. Here are 4 tips to try to make that room more usable for you and your family, without disrupting the comfort level in the rest of the house.

Use Blackout Drapes or Blinds

One of the simplest ways to help lower the temperature in a room that faces the sun for many hours during the day is to close the draperies. Closing the drapes helps to block out the sun to keep from overheating the room. You can find a number of blackout drapery fabrics, shades, and blinds that will help to keep your warm room cooler.

Open Windows During Cooler Periods of the Day

Another good way to cool down a sun-exposed room is to open up the windows to cool breezes in the early morning and later in the day when the sun has shifted its path. This measure will help to cool the room for a good portion of the day, making the room more comfortable for normal activities.

Add Room Air Conditioning

If the problem of excessively warm temperatures is constant and begins to interfere with the normal use of the room, you can add a room air-conditioning unit. New designs to solve the problem of high temperatures in individual rooms have been developed like residential ductless mini-split installation systems. This is especially useful for those rooms that have more humidity than other rooms in your home. These types of systems can usually be installed in most rooms so you can spend time in any room of your home no matter the time of year.

Run A Fan

Running a fan can be a more cost-effective way to cool a single room. If you have a ceiling fan installed, make sure you run it in a counter-clockwise direction to draw cooler air down into the room. Area fans can also be used to move air and lower the temperature of a single room. Oscillating fans are often the best solution for these rooms. If necessary, you can also place pans of water in front of the fan to help cool the air.

Having one room in your house that always seems a bit too warm can be a challenge to cool. These options will help you to regulate the temperature in that room, so you can better utilize and enjoy all areas of your home.