Most Beautiful Cities in Europe 2021 (Complete list)

Europe is a part of the earth, each meter basically is saturated and has a special atmosphere with a centuries-old past. Any visitor wants to visit European cities at least once, be inspired by nature, experience their unforgettable charm and unique lifestyle, stroll down renowned streets, visit places of interest whose history has many dimensions and legends for years to come.

We will present the most stunning cities in Europe to your eyes, a summary assessment that will expose readers to the brightest, most interesting, and historically important corners of the continent.

1. Paris. France

A fantasy city, the world’s most romantic city – nearly everyone knows Paris in these terms. Every year, over 50 million visitors come to the elegant, glamorous, and most visited town on Earth! It is not shocking because it is so important to visit unforgettable locations with over 2000 years in the French capital to learn.


A ride down the River Seine and a picnic on a green lawn by the Eiffel Tower, exploring Notre Dame’s beautiful Gothic architecture – these are some of the ambitions that you probably should be following when you are in Paris.

2. Rome. Italy

The everlasting emblem of the world, the true root of the city – the cradle of western civilization. Here the powerful Roman Empire unfolded on the shores of the Tiber River, which later played a significant role in the history of all European nations.

Rome. Italy

Start by discovering Rome’s most valued and important sights: famed old Roman arena of the Colosseum, the main bastion of the Vatican Catholic Church, the state heart of Ancient Rome, the Roman Forum, the old Caracalla Baths, various squares, and beautiful baroque architecture. It’s worth visiting the city.

3. Prague. Czech Republic

Wonderful, magical, enchanting, those epithets have become trapped in Czech magic. The spirit of Prague hallmarks many visitors who choose from Europe’s most magnificent places, come home to their beloved paved streets: the stunning Goths, the splendid baroque façades, and red tile roofs have become a symbol of the region. Prague is the most beautiful town in Europe.


The river is along the Vltava, the Charles Bridge and the wonderful atmosphere of Gothic castles are not as big as possible and, of course, you have the ability to sample hearty Czech cuisine.

4. Barcelona. Spain

The world’s soccer center, Catalonia’s capital, and the city with the most stunning charm in Spain – Barcelona, of course. The city was founded in the third century BC and had a harsh history; the Romans, Moors, and Visigoths fought around it and then transferred it to the descendants of the Frankish kings.

Barcelona city

The everlasting works of sculpture of Antoni Gaudí, the majestic Gothic façades of the temples and the whole Gothic quarter, and the legendary Camp Nou Football Stadium are the reminders of the essence of Antoni Gaudí and its history.

5. St. Petersburg. Russia

Regal St. Petersburg was and continues to be the country’s principal tourism hub for Russia. The aura of the medieval ball is all enriched by the fascinating scenery of the Neva temple, the symbolic draw-bridges, hundreds of museums with the most precious architectural and cultural exposures, the nice palaces, and park complexes with splendid fountains.


Peterhof, the Ermitage, and the Kunstkamera, the Savior’s Church on the Spilled Blood, Vasilyevsky Island – the entire palace is beautiful and all these unforgettable locations seem to re-open the pages of the Russian Empire brilliant history.

6. Helsinki. Finland

While the capital of Finland cannot hold an excellent historical and cultural heritage or a plethora of pompous architecture, this town possesses its own distinctive beauty. Helsinki, with its northern reserve, is very atmospheric and Finnish, and there is a lot of leisure parks and a fragrant botanic garden. The Finns enjoy it very much.


The northern city is worth not everything for the abstract embankments paved in stone, the magnificent square of the Cathedral and the Parliament, Sveaborg fortress of the islands, the Temppeliaukio original Shrine, the mass of the Kallio chapel, and several museums.

7. Reykjavik. Iceland

The capital of Iceland, the good one, which is called the “tourist rate” of the northern world, continues to be considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. While Reykjavik is the largest city on the island, one day, you can walk around it. A visiting card for the little island of Iceland is the enigmatic “smoking bay” as the name of this town sounds in translation.


The old pompous architecture does not survive but there is a lot of new sights: the Harpa’s design hall, the Perlan boiler room with a hot spring, the Lutheran temple Hallgrimskirkja, a number of museums and exhibits.

8. Dubrovnik. Croatia

For both tourists and for resort vacationers, the Perle of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, is significant from a historic perspective. Locals joke that it is sufficient to go to Dubrovnik in order to see and get to know the whole world. All the Balkan State can be proud of here – the cleansest sea, glorious beaches, ancient architecture, and a vaste selection of local cuisine – is concentrated.


The towers of Mincheta, Bokar, St. Ivan, Pile Gate, Sponza Palace, Virgin Mary Cathedral, and the Rector’s Palace are all historic buildings in the city.