Technically Beautiful, Five Glamour Gadgets You Need Right Now


Beauty has evolved over the years. Gone are the foam rollers, replaced by a now cordless curler that heats up and cools down simply by the touch. And as the tech world evolves more women are running the workplace. So the beauty routine must be done, fast. Here are five glamour gadgets to enhance your beauty routine.

Hair Remover

The Vera IPL Handheld Machine – Intense Pulsed Light replaces the laser method. While the IPL heats up the hair follicles to prevent hair regrowth, the Verati also has a cooling mechanism so your skin is left hairless, and irritant-free. A fuzzy face can clump foundation and makeup and even the slightest amount of feminine hair can lessen the impact of a gorgeous jawline. And waxing has a tendency to pull the skin and irritate it. So IPL baby, IPL. A typical hair removal treatment can cost 150.00 USD for a one-time facial that may last only four to six weeks. You can get your Luma elite for 497.00 USD

Skin Tone And Tightness

Forget the sheet mask. The LED light masks will help you kill bacteria, reduce acne and redness and reduce fine lines while also encouraging collagen production. Each light will do different things. For example, blue light removes bacteria. There are many masks out on the market and at various price ranges. If you are serious, look into the middle of the road priced but legit LED Skin MaskCE Cleared Pro 7 LED Skin Care Mask for Face and Neck Skin Rejuvenation Light Therapy Facial Care Mask and Optical Cosmetic Mask Portable for Home and Travel Use. Say that ten times fast… this is the best mask out there for this price. For less than 250.00 USD this LED mask offers over seven different colors to choose from.


Curling and Styling

Remember the old school cord curling iron? No longer a curling iron, the ahem, styling iron by T3 is out of this world. If you have never heard of T3 hair tools, you should look them up. This beautiful rose gold and white three-barrel styling iron will give you those “beachy” waves to look casual on Wednesday and sensual curls for that Saturday night date. Priced at 249.99 USD. This will be the only styling wand you will ever need.

Hair Drying and Styling

Gone are the days of slow-drying hair or that burning smell in your overused ancient blow dryer. For quick drying results and the perfect blowout, check out the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer which is reasonably priced at $79.99 USD. You will get a fast-drying blowout without all of the hot air and a lot less noise than many other hair dryers on the market.

Oral Health

Electric toothbrushes have been upgraded. The Quip toothbrush series and starter kits will get you back on track and actually help you with your tooth brushing skills. Travel-friendly and sleek designs for your floss, brush, and mouthwash. Refill kids will be mailed to you according to a three-month schedule. Blue tooth and battery-operated, oral care never looked sexier. A wall mount allows you to showcase your modern brush. Create new brushing habits in style. A full starter kit, brush, floss and paste with a refill schedule starts at $95.00 USD.