Splashbacks: The Newest Home Renovation Trend

It isn’t surprising that many struggle with what material to use for their new or remodeled kitchen. The splashback is a part of your kitchen that is meant to make cleaning up from splashed grease or water easier. Traditionally, materials for splashbacks have been ceramic tile or laminate. Today, however, splasbacks are more than just functional, they are part of the asthetic design. The splashback is one of the focal points as one enters the room. Your eyes generally go right to that horizontal band that ties the countertops to the wall cabinets above.  Because of this, people have been experimenting with different ways to bring out a more asthetic function of the splashback instead of simply creating a functional peice that is easy to clean up. There are some creative options for you to be able to put a unique personal spin on your kitchen design. Let’s explore a few ideas to help you customize your kitchen splashback.

Solid Stone

There might not be anything more elegant than a slab of marble, granite, or quartzite with the natural veining and patterns. Solid stone is available in a variety of colors and finishes, from honed to highly polished. In addition to elevating your kitchen, stone is durable and easy to keep clean. When considering stone and the finishing on the stone, keep in mind that the splashback still needs to be easy to clean. The more porus the stone, the harder it will be to clean. For this reason, people tend to choose a polished stone.


Stained wood planking or painted wood beadboard offers a warm backdrop to your kitchen. This is a popular splashback choice for a kitchen with a farmhouse or cottage vibe. You might also consider reclaimed antique planks, which are now easier to find with recycling being in vogue these days. Just like stone, however, you need to make sure that it is sealed so that it doesn’t absorb the grease or water that may get on it. There are flat stains that will do the job but it may be safer to finish the wood with a gloss to ensure a good seal and eas cleaning.

Glass Sheets

While glass tile is a nice alternative to ceramic tile, solid sheets of tinted or mirrored glass can be stunning in a kitchen with a modern feel. Glass reflects light, making the kitchen brighter and feeling more spacious.

In addition to glass sheets, you may also want to replacing the kitchen walls with large windows that look over your backyard. This is especially popular in homes that have a lovely view out the back. Window glass replacement specialists often offer custom glass interior surface finishes for your home. This can make it so that your window uniquly match the asthetic of your kitchen instead of an ordinary glass window.

Slate Chalkboard

If you are going for a more casual look that is fun, a slate blackboard material is a great idea for your splashback. You can write daily inspirations and messages to family members or do some drawing. You can wipe the chalk off with a damp cloth. Kids especially love this idea. Keep in mind, however, that a chalkboard is hard to get grease off of and thus, probably shouldn’t be used behind the stove.


Solid sheets of stainless steel, zinc, or copper are commonly found in commercial kitchen countertops and splashbacks. These metals are hygienic and very practical for cleaning. If you are renovating a kitchen in a Victorian or vintage-themed home, consider using embossed tin ceiling tiles for the splashback. There are also metal tiles that are adhesive-backed for DIY installation.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, you might want to consider one of these splashback materials that are trending in 2022. You can also mix and match materials if you want to highlight certain walls. Whatever you choose, there are many materials available to meet all budgets for a customized look that reflects your personal style.