5 Reasons Someone May Seek Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular in the last few decades. While some may turn to cosmetic procedures because of a medical ailment, others have no physical ailment or abnormality that requires medical intervention to correct. Cosmetic surgery is popular simply because it offers an opportunity to improve or change a person’s appearance in ways that are not necessarily possible through standard medicine alone.

The rise in cosmetic surgery has also increased the number of repeated procedures. While some individuals may experience a dramatic change in their physical appearance as the result of one procedure, others seem driven by high expectations for the perfect body.

Here are the five unique reasons why people may seek cosmetic surgery:

Birth Defects

Specific congenital disabilities can result in malformed faces, bodies, and other body parts. These malformations include facial malformation, cleft lips, noses, and palates. Other deformities include physical changes to the genitalia or the urinary tract.

Many people with congenital disabilities seek cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance and function of affected body parts. While many procedures restore symmetry and repair functional organs, others create a new appearance entirely by altering the skeletal structure or adding or removing tissue from unusual areas. The options for what these individuals can expect from cosmetic surgery are broad.

Many people with life-threatening birth defects or physical changes that can cause social angst will seek cosmetic surgery to appear more normal. Sometimes, people may require two or more procedures to achieve the desired results. For example, a cleft lip and palate correction may be combined with a jaw reduction to eliminate a large overbite. This is sometimes done to align the mouth with the nose, creating symmetry in appearance.

Removal of Stubborn Fats

Fats are a natural component of many body parts. Fats may be found on the face, neck, hands, arms, buttocks, and legs and often add to the appearance of softer, more feminine, or masculine features. However, some people do not feel that their body fat is attractive and want to eliminate it. This is sometimes done through liposuction or through various products that reduce fat deposits without the need for surgery. Through liposuction, fats may be removed from larger areas such as the abdomen or thighs. These procedures are generally performed under local anesthesia but can also be done under general anesthesia.

Excess Body Hair Removal

Hair growth on the body can be very frustrating for some people. It may cause skin irritation and itchiness and, in some cases, lead to unwanted hair growth in other places. Many men and women have used hair removal creams and gels to attempt to remove their unwanted body hair. However, many people feel these methods are ineffective and seek surgical removal of their unwanted body hair. Hair removal is often performed using small incisions around the area to be treated and then heat treatment or tweezers to remove the unwanted hair. This can result in hair-free skin, though some patients may need additional surgeries in subsequent years to ensure that unwanted hair does not return.


A wide variety of injuries can occur to areas of the body that are exposed in public spaces or when performing physical activities. These injuries may result in scarring, joint pain, and damage to nearby tissues, nerves, and cartilage. Some examples of these conditions include deep wounds, burns, and others where excess skin is removed, or damage occurs to the underlying tissues. These injuries may result in unwanted embarrassment and social isolation for some people, and they become very motivated to seek cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of their scars or wounds with procedures that do not interfere with the function of the injured area.

Body Changes After Pregnancy

Some women have trouble adjusting to changes in their bodies during or after pregnancy. For this reason, cosmetic procedures may be performed weeks or months after pregnancy, depending on the patient’s overall health and desired outcome. The procedures generally include a variety of abdominal skin reduction surgeries or liposuction on the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Some new mothers may even seek out breast augmentation in Kansas City to help restore their bodies after pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

People who seek cosmetic surgery are often motivated to improve their physical appearance, but others are more concerned with their overall health and well-being.  Regardless of the motivation behind seeking cosmetic surgery, it is becoming an accepted part of modern culture, and the number of people seeking this treatment is rising.