Top Places to visit in Jaipur in Monsoons


It’s an obvious choice that Jaipur should be among the destinations which people are able to visit during the monsoon time. We are aware of how Rajasthan is during summer months, so people anticipate the time that the temperatures begin to cool and it is more easy to visit. So we’ve put together a list of places or places you can explore in Jaipur during the rainy season.

Jaipur is known as the Pink city in India and is a popular destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors all year round. However, from the monsoon to the beginning of summer, it is the best time to travel to any destination in Rajasthan. You can also visit night clubs in Jaipur during monsoon the city has its own look during this season. So let’s look at the locations where you can enjoy a memorable time in Jaipur during the time of rain.

Amber Palace

Amber Palace is also known as Amer Palace and is one of the most beautiful spots in Jaipur. There’s no doubt that all of the locations in Jaipur possess their own uniqueness, however Amber Palace is one of the places that you can be sure to be able to take pleasure in regardless of age and interest. Amber Palace is also one of the most popular destinations by adventure seekers because they can take the short trek to the place.

However, whether it’s families or couples, honeymooners, vacations or any other kind of traveler traveling to Jaipur for any length of time, you must not miss going to Jaipur. When you visit Jaipur, you’ll need the details we’ve listed below.

Hawa Mahal

It was designed for queens of the past to view the processions as well as other activities that take place in the markets and on the streets. Hawa Mahal has now become one of the most beautiful sights of Jaipur, You can enjoy sunset with beautiful view at best cafes in Jaipur. Built with pink colored stones, Hawa Mahal has now been one of the most well-known monuments in Jaipur. The view is offered when you climb the cliffs of the monument and the splendor that can be seen from the outside, or the chance to visit the entire siteThe Hawa Mahal will give you a wonderful time throughout.

Make a note of the most important points that we will provide by reading the below table!

Nahargarh Fort

We are sure Nahargarh was in your thoughts and many of you were looking forward to this particular point to appear. Naturally, Nahargarh Fort is one of the top and most sought-after spots to see in Jaipur. It was once the main living palace of the kings, and was built to defend the kingdom from the threat of invasion. The whole structure is visible now and was not built or built in one piece. It was initially constructed in half its initial size, and later expanded on.

However, if you go to the fort and look around it, you’ll be surprised to see Nahargarh’s entire town from over. Make sure you don’t end up in a restricted area since Nahargarh Fort has a few scattered areas that are coming down.

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is another interesting, stunning, and beautiful monument in Jaipur that was originally erected by the king to facilitate his pleasure activities. It was also a place to enjoy the king and his companions from nearby kingdoms.

In the summer , when temperatures start to rise the king would spend the majority of their time in Jal Mahal as it is much cooler when close to water. However, now visitors can only take a sneering view of this magnificent Jal Mahal. The entry point is now restricted since the entire palace is fragile and one of its lowest floors is submerged in the water.

To learn more about the monument, talk to the locals that are seated on the footpaths and sell various items.

Jaigarh Fort

Also called The Victory Fort, Jaigarh fort is an authentic representation of the things that royal Rajputana rulers were capable of. The fort itself is divided into different sections, and visitors can go to these sections as you explore the area. There are some old-fashioned things which are kept in the fort and visitors love to wander around and take pictures with them.

It is also possible to take an eye on them and if you find it interesting then click.

Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum is one of the most renowned museums not only in Rajasthan but in the entire nation. The other interesting aspect of the attraction is that it features 16 galleries which showcase various things.

In addition to the entertainment in the museum, visitors can wander around and visit all of the galleries. You’ll learn much about the culture of India and, in particular, Jaipur.

Jantar Mantar

Are you curious about the way people calculated the time back in the days in which they didn’t own a watch? Furthermore, watches weren’t invented until India and came later to the United States. So how did the Indians be aware of the time? The solutions to this question, and more can be found at Jantar Mantar, Jaipur.

It is a wonderful destination to explore because you will find a myriad of eye-opening things that only experts can comprehend. It will reveal how smart our ancestors were.

City Palace

The perfect spot for exploring and the explorers-city Palace is an amazing location to explore. It does not only display historical items for guests but also assists visitors to comprehend how objects were used during the time of its use. There are some sections built throughout the palace and access to these sections is different for visitors. You’ll have to pay for each section, and the cost differs for each section.

Let’s take a glance at the tables below, and you’ll be able to comprehend everything.


There are plenty of people who believe that Jaipur isn’t as wonderful as it ought to be in the rainy season. Its temperature is still high, and once the rain starts to fall, the humidity kicks in. However, in Jaipur you’ll be comfortable and relaxed in the rainy season. A large number of visitors of all ages and tastes come to Jaipur during and throughout the year. The visitors not only enjoy the perfect temperature for exploring the sights, but you also get to take pleasure in the food shopping, food, and many more.