People-Based Marketing Strategy of Gojek: How it Makes a Difference

It’s no more surprising that individuals can get everything from a single app. However, an app like Gojek has made this possible for users to get anything delivered to their doorsteps. So-called “Super app,” Gojek facilitates its users to make payments, appoint professionals to get their everyday tasks done, and order food and grocery with ease.

But have you ever wondered how this multi-service platform gained a huge customer base? Which marketing approach helps the company to achieve its targeting goals? If you have similar queries, this article will help you get them solved and implement the right marketing approach for your all-in-one mobile application and website.

How does the People-based Marketing Approach of Gojek Differ from Others?

Gojek had approximately 29 million monthly active users in 2019 in Indonesia, followed by Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. Gojek has a vast customer base due to its marketing approach. Indonesian super apps boosted brand awareness by personalizing the products and services.

Gojek’s advertising approach has braced other multi-service brands to develop affiliate relationships, social sharing, and enhance products or services using customer feedback. Many take support from SEO experts to get worthy results for their multi-service brand and gain success. However, many choose to follow a people-based marketing approach similar to Gojek to provide a personalized experience for them.

Gojek’s people-based marketing approach helps the company to figure out what is most loved by their targeted customers. How does it help them with growth? The innovative digital marketing approach and aggressiveness of the multi-service platform are what differentiate it from other brands serving in the growing market.

Can You Target More Customer Base with a Strategy Similar to Gojek?

Every business owner is ready to invest money to make more money, and as a multi-service brand owner, you aren’t exceptional, right? Many brands following the success footprint of an Indonesian multi-service company are opting for Gojek like app solutions to automate and streamline their business process. Although they have followed the same business and revenue model, they can’t achieve the popularity as Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand platform has garnered.

They need to understand that developing mobile apps for their multi-service is not enough these days, as tech-savvy people have multiple options to choose from. Hence marketing plays a crucial role in helping you sell more and create awareness among a broader customer base.

If you’re trying to reach more customers and make more sales, you can develop gojek like app solution following a people-based marketing approach that can help you grab your targeted goals in a short time. Check everything in-depth to know how a people-based marketing approach can help you grab the needed success in the market.

Social Media Marketing

Gojek is utilizing social media on a daily basis; the multi-service platform is posting engaging content that helps them drive more customers with ease. The platform has introduced unique promos on Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking channels. Customers have to click their selfies with Gojek drivers and had to share them on social media with the following hashtags:



This is what makes the multi-service different from others; no one has planned and implemented such a marketing approach before. You can also opt for a social media marketing strategy that helps you engage more customers and create awareness at the same time. Create promos, discounts, or content on social networks to make more individuals know about your business services.

Awareness Approach

Gojek follows a simple approach to creating awareness among a large group of people. The company also follows an omnichannel approach to provide quick access to customers over a vast number of products and services.

The company has partnered with supermarkets to get offline booths and drop-off sites. The company is always trying to improve products and service accessibility on the site to provide everything to its customers in different regions.

Product Promotion

Every business owner launches its branded solution with the aim to make a profit, and so is what Gojek has done. But the company knows very well about when to launch their product, when to promote it, and more.

Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand platform mostly launches its service when there is great demand for the same. It promotes its products or services on various resources. Most importantly, the company understands the users’ preferences and introduces its service to meet customers’ demands efficiently.

Key Marketing

In order to ensure business survival in today’s competitive market, it becomes essential for brands to focus on their product and services pricing strategy. Sometimes it is good to keep the price low, but you can increase the same during peak hours; this can help you accomplish your business profit goals with ease. Gojek had kept affordable prices for its users from the beginning when it was launched in 2010.

Targeting and Positioning Approach

Gojek mostly targets individuals who are in search of different services like taxis, hot meal delivery, digital payments, etc. However, Gojek’s positioning approach helped the company to bring a great amount to its table.

It provides essential service in the right region, which means where the demand for the service is more, rather than launching it where the demand is comparatively low. You can also do the same; just proper analysis can help you achieve great results and plan business launch services effectively.

How Can You Seize Gojek Like Success with the Right Marketing Campaign?

Undoubtedly business owners need to focus on building their presence in the digital space, but at the same time, they can’t ignore the marketing strategy. Not paying attention to advertising can make enterprises lose an opportunity to reach more customers. If you want to achieve success similar to Gojek, then you can follow a marketing approach similar to it. Consider the above-listed process to get worth for your marketing efforts.