OEM VS After Market Parts: Important Things to Consider

Original equipment manufacturer parts, popularly known as OEM parts, are designed and made by an original car manufacturer. For instance, Chevrolet OEM auto parts are auto parts that are made by General Motors, the original manufacturer of Chevrolet cars. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are auto parts made by third-party companies. These companies make these parts based on the designs of OEM auto parts. Buying any of these two types of auto parts offers its set of benefits and drawbacks. To ensure that you choose the best option, you need to consider several things when choosing between OEM and aftermarket auto parts.

Your Budget

When choosing between aftermarket and OEM auto parts, you need to consider your budget. That will help you ensure that you select an auto part whose price lies within your budget. If your budget is not so tight, you can go for the option of OEM parts. However, you can buy an aftermarket auto part if your budget is tight since aftermarket parts are usually more affordable than OEM parts.

OEM parts are completely similar to the auto parts on your car. On the other hand, aftermarket auto parts are usually somehow different from the original car parts. That means that the quality of OEM parts is generally better than the quality of aftermarket auto parts.

The Auto Part that You Intend to Buy

It might be okay to buy some aftermarket parts. However, it will not be suitable to purchase others. Therefore, you need to consider the auto part you intend to buy when choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts. For instance, if you want to replace your car bumper, you should go for the option of an OEM auto part. Otherwise, you will end up buying a car bumper that looks different from the rest of the car.

Also, you may find out that the car bumper is not as rustproof as the rest of the auto parts. However, if you intend to buy an auto part that falls under the category of extras, you can buy an aftermarket auto part. For instance, you can buy an aftermarket tailpipe.

The Quality of the Available After Market Auto Parts

Some aftermarket auto parts are usually cheaper than OEM parts because they are made using low-quality materials. If you fall into the trap of buying such auto parts, you will later regret it since they get damaged within a short time. That is why you need to check the quality of the available aftermarket auto parts when choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts. A mechanic can help you determine if a certain aftermarket auto part is of good quality or not. Such is because mechanics are used to dealing with this kind of auto parts.

You should only buy an aftermarket auto part after confirming that is of good quality. Otherwise, you should go for an OEM auto part. To get good quality aftermarket auto parts, buy them from well-reputed companies. Big Bear Engine Company is an example of a company that offers good quality aftermarket Cummins ISX Engines for Sale.

Check Whether the Available After Market Parts Come with Warranty or Not

A warranty is usually a promise by a seller that they will replace the product they sell to someone if it gets damaged within the warranty period. That means if you buy an auto part that has a warranty and gets damaged, the seller from who you purchased the auto part will offer a replacement.

If the auto part does not come with a warranty, you will be responsible for replacing it. To ensure that you do not end up replacing auto parts while you are not liable for the damages, you should only buy aftermarket auto parts that come with warranties. Otherwise, you should buy OEM auto parts since they usually come with warranties.

Closing Thoughts

You can decide to buy OEM auto parts or aftermarket auto parts. To make the best choice, you should consider your budget and the specific auto part you want to buy. You should also check whether the available auto parts come with warranties or not and check their quality. You should only buy aftermarket parts that come with a warranty.