Men’s Outfit Guide: Read These 10 Styling Tips to Ace Every Look for Tall Men

If you’re over 6 feet tall, it’s safe to say that you know the struggle of finding clothes that fit. Whether you’re looking for a suit, dress shirt or even shoes, let us be your guide and read on for our top styling tips.

Men’s Dress Shirts

When it comes to shirts, you’ll want to look for a slim fit that ends right at the wrist so it doesn’t swallow you up. For this, you should always choose the curved collar shirts. A shorter sleeve length is also key as full-length sleeves can add bulk and cover up your tall frame. Sleeves with cuffs are totally fine too – in fact they’re excellent because not only do they lend themselves well to casual and formal occasions alike but they also help prolong the life of your shirt by preventing it from getting frayed around the elbows. You can pair it with big and tall jeans to have an awesome look.

Go monochrome

One simple trick when wearing suits that aren’t an exact shade of grey or navy blue is to play them safe with color by opting for a monochrome look. Wearing one color from head to toe helps create the illusion of height by lengthening your legs and drawing the eye up the body. And if you want to highlight one particular body part, say your shoulders for example, go with a light-colored top and darker pants.

Avoid noticeable patterns

If you’re looking for extra bulk but don’t want to look like a walking billboard of your clothes’ brand name, avoid bold prints or logos on the front of your shirt. Instead try opting for something subtle such as a monogrammed pocket or cuffs. When it comes to suits, solid colors are best (aside from pinstripes which are okay) because they’re slimming and cut close to the body so they help make you look taller than other patterns that have a higher likelihood of making you appear wider too.


The idea seems conflicting – hats are supposed to make people look taller! But this rule only applies if they’re flat-brimmed or low profile in shape. Stiffer hats with high crowns and short brims will hit your head at an angle so they’ll appear steeper than they actually are. And avoid snapbacks with curved bills too as they can visually shorten a long face like yours by shadows on the outer planes of your face.

Scarf it up

Besides being ultra-flattering, scarves can add warmth in cold weather and also help you finish off any number of looks – formal or casual – with panache. So don’t be afraid to try something new: Wear them long and loose around your neck as a statement piece , tie or loop them loosely around your hips , even pull them over your head like a hood . Work that scarf!

Add texture

While you’re at it, be sure to incorporate textures into your outfits whenever possible. Wearing a variety of textured fabrics together is one of the easiest ways to create more visual interest in what might otherwise be considered an overly simplistic outfit (like dark jeans and a matching tee).

Your pants make the man

The first rule is: When they fit well on the waist, they’ll fit perfectly everywhere else too . So go slim through the calves and thighs so everything tapers down below the knee while still allowing room around your ankles. This makes them look tailored and polished no matter if you wear them with sneakers or dress shoes – just not athletic shoes! You know that pair you bought because everyone was wearing them? Yeah, skip ’em.

For shoes… keep it slim

Despite their skinny appearance, men’s high-end designer sneakers are actually sized the same as your average sneaker (i.e. not small). So if you’re buying online and trying to estimate your size based on the brand’s sizing chart, err on the smaller side until you know for sure – this way there’ll be a little wiggle room and plenty of toe space in case they run a little long or big on you. And always wear thin socks! Nobody likes sweaty feet.

Polish your shoes

And finally, a tall man’s secret for looking even taller: shine your shoes. Not only does this keep them at the height of fashion but it also helps give you that extra inch (or two) by drawing people’s eyes up to meet yours. And if you wear boots instead of dress shoes, clean and shine them regularly as well – the more attention they get, the more attention you’ll get for sure! Enjoy your new-found style!

When all else fails: Get tailored

As easy as it is to buy clothes that fit well off the rack , they can sometimes be wide or too short . In these cases, proper tailoring is key. It can take any run-of-the-mill item to the next level and give it a custom fit that’ll make you stand taller than you already do. And don’t be afraid to experiment. Throw on those pants backwards and see if they still look good (they will). Layer your shirts for double the style points (and extra warmth during colder months) . Or try a color combination no one’s seen before! Remember: This isn’t high school anymore so there are no rules.

You’re tall, smart and handsome… now go show them what you’ve got !