Latest Bedroom Trends 2021

Latest Bedroom Trends

Bedroom – a place that speaks of calmness and serves as a relaxing sanctuary. Since we all are spending a lot of our time at home now, it would be fun to revamp and liven our bedroom with the latest au courant trends discussed in our guide.

We talked to our expert designers to find out the most significant trends of 2021 and beyond. Still, the classics remain constant like – good accent lighting, crisp and quality bedding and functional wardrobe area; there are plenty of new trends that you incorporate in your room to embrace the overall interior.

What’s new?

A while ago, people were totally on the side of muted, neutral tones. We can now see a huge shift from the minimalist style of designing to people being more confident about introducing warm tones and prints to space. Designers are coming back to incorporating bold and colorful fabrics and bed linen, and nature-inspired wallpapers that reflect the owner’s personality in every way.

Headboards are back in the game, once again. Headboards with big, bold shapes, bright colors and patterned fabrics are hot items in the markets. They create a focal point in the room and serve as a statement piece.

The trending colors are warm tones like rich reds and oranges, mustard yellows and bold greens with a classic touch of blue to create a timeless scheme.

  1. Invest In an Iconic Bed

Make your bed the center of attraction in your room. Select your bed design and position it in an enthralling way. Vibrant and bright colored bed frame with strikingly patterned bedding will make your space look attractive and add a lively character. Statement beds don’t have to be very heavy on your pockets. Choose your perfect bed with the Happy Beds discount code so that you get your favorite bed frame at a low price.

  1. Warm Color Palette

When choosing the colors, go for the warm side of the color wheel. The warmer color tones like reds, oranges, yellows, and yellow-based greens draw attraction. And when these colors are paired with bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture, they create the perfect boho-chic vibe to your room. Discount codes for rattan and wicker furniture are available on Adele Horin.

Apart from warm color tones, blue color has always been a classic color for bedrooms. It has a positive effect on your mind and body. Blue is also a color that connects deeply to nature; the sky and ocean are blue, and so it immediately brings calmness and tranquility to your mind.

  1. Add Nature

Add nature to your space by introducing greenery or adding nature-inspired printed wallpapers or frames. You can place some indoor plants like succulents or aglaonema for an added organic touch.

  1. Bright Textiles

Try out bright and printed fabrics and accents for your pillows and another room décor. Colors and patterns inspired by the Indian and Mediterranean add a fun detail to the room. The prints and colors jazz up a neutral and dull space, and you can easily switch them up if you’re in the mood for a calmer look.

  1. Chunky Bedding

The best investment you could make is to purchase good quality bedding. You deserve the best bedding set to give you the perfect and comfy sleep. Organic and linen bedding with chunk woolen throws is super trending these days.

On the last note…

Refurbishing your bedroom and putting some love into it will make it exciting and give you a chance. You don’t need to worry about sticking to just one color for the entire space. Experiment with hues and prints along with some accents that you love, and in the end your space will look perfect and happy, just as you wanted. Play around with some colors and prints and make your bed-chamber a Pinterest-worthy space!

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