Innovative Car Technologies You Need Know

Car Technologies (1)

Technology is a notion that is continuously changing, ever-changing for vehicles or for any other automated developments. There is never a single trend in car technology in the automotive industry for two successive years now. Something new in the form of a car model always comes up. Whether it’s a car, motorcycle or any truck, car lovers still have something new to enjoy.

Recently, the worldwide car industry has been overwhelmed by many car technology events. This follows some of the latest technological developments which in the foreseeable future will dominate the car industry.

About Car Technology

Car technology is progressing at incredible speed, so it’s no surprise that some cool items appear every model year. Here are some of the newest inventions that new car buyers will be able to see in the near future.

  • Thanks to the epiphytotic iPhone, auto creators hurry to regenerate analog dials with great touch screen display boards for their auto models. This technology feature is provided for any other hybrid vehicle or electric car announced these days.
  • Cars and cars have become smarter than ever before. Universal car networks which could range from straightforward instant traffic warnings and collision alerts to advanced digital chains have come of age at last. Now, without worrying a little about network conditions, you can easily get across the roads.
  • Lithium battery technology is just waiting to take off. Once carmakers from around the world start using it in a full-fledged manner for building their cars, it will make a big impact.
  • Bioplastics are being used more and more. Automotive manufacturers are thus updating their automotive technologies to use this environmentally-friendly equipment properly.
  • Research is going to discover ways to make a much more inexpensive and intelligent fuel for the maize-based ethanol and the other home produce to power tomorrow’s engines.

Car Technology

Cars That Park for You

Yes, there’s still a vehicle in production today that truly will park. There is already a system in which the driver holds on to his foot while the vehicle, surprisingly, parallel parks. Its future looks bright because in future this type of application will be very useful not only for parking but in other narrow areas such as garages.

Let the Car do the Driving

It’s no longer a fantasy or something that we’ve seen with GPS and robotic technology advancing to Auto-Pilot where your vehicle is guided by the navigation system to your destination as the driver lies behind and relaxes becomes reality as quickly as many people can envision. Experiments and plans with magnets and GPS are underway to realize this dream.

Other in-car technology developments include the Global Positioning System or GPS-enabled dual-screen browsers and internet screens.