How you train for CrossFit training when you have back pain.

Cross-fit training is an aerobic workout (strength and conditioning) that is performed at high-intensity intervals. These movements are the actions that are performed in daily routine life like squatting, pushing, and pulling. If you want to lose weight, improve your flexibility, and need to build body endurance then cross fit is for you.

Most athletes deal with back pain whether they are lifting the heavyweight or performing any intense workout. Back pain is not something that you can ignore because it can drastically affect your performance. Also, you can feel difficulty and can experience worse pain, while doing house chores, for example going out for groceries, lifting your child, or bending.

So you need to be very careful if you are performing CrossFit exercise because according to various studies CrossFit is riskier than weight lifting. So if you are planning to get the membership of the gym for practicing CrossFit training you have to practice it under someone’s supervision and have to be very careful. Other than that if you want to practice any workout you need to get a suitable gym outfit that should be moisture absorbing and lightweight. Elite sports workout clothes are durable and are available at an economical price.

So if you have any type of injury or back pain you should avoid lifting weight. Instead of jumping and jogging you should practice that workout that is low impact. There are several exercises which you should avoid if you are having a backache. The crunches, modified sit-ups, yoga or water aerobics, biking off-road, brisk walk, and jumping.

Warm-ups and cool down.

CrossFit is an aerobic workout that has a huge impact on your muscles so if you take the initiative without warming up it will cause muscle injury. So I would say to invest at least 10 minutes in performing warm-ups. You can make a start with a jumping jack, push-ups, squats, and rope jumping.

Similarly, after the intense workout, you should perform some cool down as well. With the cool down there are fewer chances of muscle strain and injury, along with that there is pre-exercise recovery too. Both the warm-ups and cool-down can improve your athletic performance.

I would say to perform 10 minutes of warm-ups before starting your CrossFit exercise and afterward spend another 10 minutes in cooldowns after your intense aerobic workout. I have seen most of the people take a start for their aerobic workout directly, as a result of which they get cramping in their muscles, get injured, and experience pain in muscles.

Point of origin of pain.

You must be familiar with which region your back pain originates from. Let say if there is a pain in your lower back that is going down towards your legs, then it means your sciatica nerve is irritated. Similarly, if you feel the soreness in your back after some workout, but it fades off once you have some rest that means your core is not much stable. Other than that during your workout if you feel sudden pain that means you have got lumbar strain which is caused due to a tear in your muscle. So if you have got pain or injury during your workout you must go to your doctor immediately.

Also, you must perform exercises that are low impact, and avoid lifting heavyweight as mentioned above.

Also make sure that your workout outfits should aid comfort in your workout, and they should be stretchable. Elite Sports gym attires are breathable and aid comfort during your workout sessions.

Switch to some low-impact workout.

It’s important to listen to your body first. After investing some time in resting and getting back to CrossFit training, suddenly if your back pain starts again then you must switch to a low impact workout like yoga. Because it’s due to the fact that if the pain arises again due to CrossFit training it will get worse gradually. Gradually when your pain gets fixed then you can get back to your routine exercise again.

Focus on strengthening your core.

To perform the aerobic workout our core plays an important role. If your core is weak then there are more chances that you will experience back pain. So before indulging yourself in a CrossFit workout, you need to make your core muscles stronger enough, and you have to focus on them.

Keep in your mind that if your core muscles are strong then you will be able to lift the heavyweight, and would be able to perform the gymnastic moves.

So once you strengthen your core, your ability to lift heavy weights will be improved, and there will be fewer chances of injury as well. So working on your core muscles should be your utmost priority before starting CrossFit training.