How to choose the best liposuction surgeon?

The choice of your cosmetic surgeon will impact your whole life; if not, you will have regret and an appearance you do not prefer. Ending up in the hands of an inexperienced and unqualified surgeon for liposuction surgery may worsen your results, leading to a lifetime of regret and heartache.

If you are looking for a best liposuction surgeon, you might want to consider the following factors before deciding on the doctor for your surgery.

The cosmetic surgeon should be board certified

Many people think that qualifying MBBS makes the practitioner doctor qualified enough to do a surgery. However, that is not so. Without a postgraduate degree, an MBBS graduate is not allowed to perform surgeries or a C-section alone. A practising surgeon doctor requires special certification from the medical board. Before choosing your surgeon for liposuction surgery, make sure you look into the history of your doctor’s educational background and if they are qualified to perform a surgery. This is so because surgical emergencies are pretty often and an inexperienced doctor might not handle them professionally, which may also cause the risk of other complications for you.

Dig a little deeper

Even if your doctor is a qualified surgeon, there may be chances that they do not have enough experience to do liposuction surgery alone. Cosmetic surgeries require different skills and to have those subspecialties. A surgeon should have years of experience in doing so. So, when you consider a liposuction surgery for yourself, do proper research on the history of your doctor ask them questions about the years of training that they have, the number of successful surgeries they have done, look into the before and after results of their previous patients and only if you feel satisfied enough then go for it.

Consider your safety

Liposuction is not a cure for obesity. The process has limits to fat reduction, and only a certain amount of it can be sucked safely. The complications in the surgery and the limit of fat that can be sucked out of the body depend upon the person’s overall health and skin elasticity. Before you choose a surgeon, make sure you know about the overall health of your body and the maximum amount of liposuction that your body can tolerate in a single day. Experienced surgeons prefer to put safety first and know the limits of liposuction depending upon the health of their patients. So, when you choose your surgeon, make sure you understand your doctor’s philosophy about safety.

Avoid hype created by marketing

The internet is filled with crap information when it comes to surgical processes. Not that everything on the internet is false, but make sure you have an experienced professional to guide you when you research. Do not fall for traps on the internet that claim someone to be professional and experienced to do a surgery beyond the safety limits. Even if you choose a surgeon based on their ratings on the internet, prefer to visit them personally and ask them some questions to see that you are not falling into the marketing scam. Some marketing strategists lure patients by telling false liposuction surgery cost. A cheap doctor might be inexperienced and not a good choice for you.

Final Words

Liposuction is not a very complex procedure and having an experienced professional beside you makes it more accessible. Research is always important before stepping into something new. Expertise in emergency management during surgical procedures is very crucial. It is one of the demands that a patient should make from his doctor. Surgeons are always trained in complication management and their certification is proof of that. Make sure you consider all the mentioned points before choosing your liposuction surgeon.