How To Choose A Right Double Prong Oval Engagement Ring 

Planning is necessary when it comes to preparing for the engagement ceremony. It would help if you had beautiful attire, a grand venue, and guests to rejoice in the cherished moment. Well, apart from this all, you must remember your ring. Choosing the call for engagement could be an intimidating task. It might seem challenging to choose from a variety of designs available. A double-prong oval engagement ring could be the fascinating one you can seek for the special day. Oval-cut diamonds are famous and in trend. Also, these diamonds are less expensive than brilliant round cuts and are seriously sparking. A ring with an oval-cut diamond held by two prongs at each side would make it a fantastic piece of jewelry. So, look at the guide to choose the perfect ring for your grand event.

Cut and brilliance

Generally, there are certified GIA standards for most of diamond-cuts and shapes. But when it comes to the oval shape of diamonds, GIA does not have standard requirements. The thing that you need to consider is the brilliance and fire of the diamond. The polishing and finish of the diamond would determine its brilliance and sparkle. You can consider ideal cut to excellent oval cut diamonds per the budget. Also, you need to check for the table of diamonds related to its flat surface. Depth is the thickness of the oval diamond embedded in the engagement ring.

Length-to-width ratio

Oval cut diamonds vary from different length to width ratios. The size determined with these ratios would make the ring narrow or wide. However, the size of these rings often depends on length to width ratio. So, there is no standard size of these rings to choose from. However, when choosing a ring with a double prong setting, you should avoid diamonds with square ends. You should select a ring with a round shape to get more finish. Oval rings’ best length-to-width ratio ranges from 1.40 to 1.50. Choose a ring with a wide oval center stone for a double-pronged setting.

Consider bowtie appearance

This is undeniable that all oval diamonds have a severe to nearly appearing bowtie effect. The dark area can occur in the diamond with the reflection of light. While choosing the double prong oval engagement ring, you should consider a ring with a lower bowtie effect. The reason is that size of your ring would appear more significant when the diamond is set with double prongs. So, if you choose the diamond with an oversized bowtie, it will make your diamond darker. Therefore, you must select the diamond with a fine cut that will lower the bowtie effect. So, you should closely watch the oval diamond. Choose another stone if your eyes quickly catch the bowtie at first glance.

Pick the correct color grade.

The brilliant faceting pattern of oval-cut diamonds is good at hiding colors. Hence, you can check for various color scales to have a beautiful-looking oval diamond. You can go for colorless grades of oval diamonds for your engagement ring. This range varies from D to G scale, offering brilliant fire and sparkle. You can even consider the choice of color grade as per the metal selected for the ring. Oval diamond colors can match perfectly with silver-hued platinum, white, rose, and yellow gold metals. However, the ring’s price could vary between two different color grades.

Prong setting

Well, the double prong setting of your oval diamond will make the ring stunning. But, it would be costlier as the use of metal will be more than a single prong. Also, the number of prongs embedded will be eight sets of 2 each prong on both sides of the diamond. Therefore, you should consider the overall cost of the ring before purchasing it. Also, choose a considerable size of stone to balance the setting of double pronged engagement ring. One thing is sure with double prongs, and the diamond holding would be the toughest. So, you can wear the ring on your finger without risk of damage to the stone.

To sum up

Choosing a double prong oval engagement ring would make your investment worthwhile. But you must get one from a reputable jewelry store. You can seek the options online to choose the best design for your ring. Also, customization options are available to get the ring with a specific design. You should check for the 4Cs of the diamond along with certification.

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