4 Health Checkups You Need to Do Periodically Each Year

One of your biggest responsibilities to yourself and your family should be taking care of your own health. To do so, there are certain checkups you must complete every year. Doing so can help save you from undiagnosed issues becoming much bigger problems. Don’t ignore the importance of these yearly checkups. Below are four you should never miss.

Primary Care Doctor Checkup

Each year, you should have an annual checkup with your primary care physician. This checkup will be covered by your health insurance for very good reasons. For one, it will allow you to assess what state your health currently is in. You’ll get that information from the series of physical exams and tests you will receive during the checkup. Second, it’s better to detect many serious health issues early. If these ailments are detected before you feel any symptoms, it could mean saving you from a lot of pain and stress. It could even save your life. Seeing your primary care doctor is a great idea, especially since they are more likely to know you better than other doctors. This sort of personal relationship can be helpful when it comes to them anticipating your needs and/or recommending lifestyle changes or health tips to help you live better.

Dental Checkup

Second, you should visit your dentist at least once a year even if you feel no tooth pain. Just because you have no pain does not mean you are not developing serious issues. You may, for example, have developed cavities over the past year. In that case, it’s better to have those cavities drilled and filled immediately. Some companies, such as Mill Creek Dental, know that if you wait too long you will probably begin feeling pain shortly because untreated tooth issues only get progressively worse with time. Going to the dentist is a great way to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and clean. This is also a great way to look out for oral diseases like mouth cancer. Your dentist will know how to check for these things, as they are professionally trained to do so.

Optometrist Checkup

You should also visit your optometrist once a year. For one, your eye sight might have changed over the past year. Getting a new eye exam will allow you to get new glasses prescribed for your current eyesight and not your eyesight from 12 months ago. Other important tests will also be performed to detect serious eye problems. This even includes a test for melanoma and lymphoma, forms of eye cancer. Going to the optometrist might be infrequent for you, so be sure to take advantage of all the advice they give you so you can utilize it later on. Your eyesight is important, so take care of your eyes as best you possibly can.

Gynecologist Checkup

If you’re a woman, it’s very important to schedule your yearly checkup with your gynecologist. You will undergo a number of very important tests relevant to female health such as a pap smear test, pelvic test, and breast exam. Being able to detect issues early enough can save your life. Tens of thousands die from things like breast cancer every year. These sorts of tests help to keep women healthy in many various ways. Be sure to inquire with your doctor about the specifics.

Overall, checkups are important for your health. The list above is in no way exhaustive. Everyone has their own individual health needs, and you may need more checkups with different doctors than others. However, make sure you schedule and attend every such appointment. Doing so will help protect your well-being.