Gojek Clone: How To Start App-based Multi-service Business In The USA

Every country has its own culture and for Americans, it is all about being energetic, lively, and fun-loving! So, for any new business that wants to step into the market, it is important to know the culture and build a product that efficiently goes with it and satisfactorily fulfills their demands. So, let’s talk about one such product that has been talking away the breaths of many in the USA (no, not literally)! It’s the super app everyone is going Ga-Ga over, the Gojek clone app!


As of January 1. 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau projected the population of the USA to be 332,403,650. This means that any entrepreneur who wants to kickstart their own business in the States has a humongous audience to serve!

Americans love getting around to new locations!

We know that Americans love to drive and roam to new and exciting destinations every time they feel like a ‘getaway’. Public transportation is really thin outside the boundaries of metro cities. This makes it crucial for every individual to have a vehicle of their own. As the statistics in a BBC StoryWorks publication indicate, more than 88% of Americans own a four-wheeler.

But, what if someone feels like going to a remote destination like right now but has no vehicle? That’s when the Gojek clone comes in handy! The application lets the users book a rental taxi with a chauffeur and even without one. The users can book the ride for x number of hours.

Emergency 911 or ambulance services are on their dial

Americans rely on getting professional help anytime they feel like an emergency has just hit them! Dialing 911 or a medical emergency directly puts the user in contact with the emergency service dispatcher, they will then connect you with the police of the medical facility!

This might take a while in some scenarios! But, what if your customers can directly connect with emergency services with just one click? With the Gojek clone app, the users can directly book an ambulance through the application. This cuts down the time required to wait on the phone, tell the location details, and so on. Moreover, whenever a user or provider feels threatened, they can click the SOS button on the app during an ongoing task. This will send a ‘HELP’ message to 5 emergency contacts and live location to the local police plus the app admin.

Holidays are for amazing food, drinks, and memories

The American calendar has 10 official public holidays. Be it New Year, Independence Day, or Christmas, these holidays call for great food, drinks, and a lot of memories. Well, with the tech advancements, there is no way one has to worry about forgetting an ingredient or even cooking for that matter.

This on-demand services app lets your customers get groceries delivered to the doorstep in 30 minutes or simply order their favorite meal from a nearby restaurant!

Moreover, now anyone who is 18+ can now purchase wine or any other liquor through the app. So, no matter if you want Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry, Haus Aperitif, Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, Hill Rock Pinot Noir Finish Bourbon, or something else, Open the Gojek clone app and place your order!


Get started with your own multi-service business in the USA with the Gojek clone app. Take a couple of minutes off your busy schedule and place a call to the experts who have been developing and launching such futuristic apps for a decade now!

Make some easy and quick US dollars and live a rich life that you have always dreamt of!