Glamping 101: 5 Things to Bring for a Luxury Experience

Everyone who camps regularly knows that staying warm, dry, and well-fed are some of the basic necessities of enjoying your experience. Campers strive to keep their packs light and tend to focus on enjoying the simple pleasure of nature while staying comfortable in a minimal way. Glamping, on the other hand, allows you to be within natural settings WHILE maintaining a higher level of comfort and extravagance. Think fully powered campsites with real beds and bedding, lights at the push of a button, and an expansive kitchen set-up. You can stand up and walk in your tent or yurt, which feels more like a real building, and yet you are still surrounded by Mother Nature.

How do you step it up a notch? What do you need to bring to have a luxury experience? Below, we will take you through some of the Glamping Basics with tips on how to upgrade your experience overall. Ready….Set….Glamp!

1. Think About Power

When you’re camping, you have to worry about lugging all your gear around. However, most Glampground set-ups are more permanent and often require a vehicle to reach the site, so having power is easier to achieve. Consider various portable solar charging stations if you are eco-conscious – these can be pre-charged before departure and then topped up during daytime hours. If you have a lot of appliances and devices, you could also invest in a quiet-model, portable generator and a power strip or two, so you can ensure everything gets juice. Convenience is key!

2. Think About Sleeping

A major bonus of Glamping is that you do not sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag. No foam mats here! Glampsites have clean sheets, fluffy comforters, and real pillows. If your site is permanent, invest in a proper bed frame, box spring, and mattress so that you always have a decent night’s rest. If you are traveling to your site, include a sturdy air mattress on your packing list. They make fancy air mattresses that are luxurious and cushioned, and you will sleep like a dream. Don’t forget the gizmo that blows up your mattress! You’ll be able to plug it right in at the glampground.

3. Think About Eating & Drinking

The kitchen area at a Glampsite is much more convenient than your typical outdoor situation. Plan out your meals and make lists of everything you will need, but remember that your initial kitchen setup is crucial. Ensure that you can prep and cook comfortably, i.e. not chopping something on your lap and cooking in the dirt. Invest in tables, cutting boards, a full set of dishes, and a proper stove. When you are chopping and sauteing, be able to stand, move around, and have all the utensils, containers, and ingredients at your fingertips. One final pro tip is to rig up a working sink with running water for dishes and basic sanitation. There are numerous foot pedal or gravity-fed sink models that could be perfect for your glampground.

4. Think About Staying Warm and Cozy

Layers of clothing and proper cold-weather gear are critical, but your crew may also consider bringing along a heater. When space isn’t an issue, as is the case while glamping, invest in a portable ac heater to take on your trip. When the sun goes down, simply plug it into your power source and get snuggly.

5. Think About Lighting

A normal camper might have a single lantern or a campfire, but a Glamper has a full lighting display. Invest in bedside lamps, overhead tent lights, and string lights for around the picnic table and cooking area. Include solar footlights for around the camp perimeter, portable lanterns (battery or solar) to move around when needed, and headlamps for everyone. There is no reason to grope around in the dark while Glamping.

Final Considerations For Your Upcoming Glamping Trip

One final suggestion is to mentally run through the activities you are planning while on your Glamping vacation, and consider ways to make them more comfortable and luxurious. Think about creature comforts such as music, slippers, fans, pillows, and other things that brighten your day. Space isn’t an issue and your happiness is key, so plan ahead and enjoy yourself!