How To Find The Best Art Galleries Near You

Art is something of a paradox; it truly is. No one can say for certain what does or does not count as “art,” while at the same time, it’s also something that everyone knows when they see it. A large cathedral is art; the Mona List is art; a large bronze sculpture of a bull is art. You always know it when you see it. Speaking of seeing art: When is the last time you’ve been to an art gallery? Whether you’re an artist looking for the best galleries to display your work, or a fan looking to view some art, you likely only want to attend prestigious art galleries that are displaying fine art. Here are some ways you can go about finding the best art galleries.

Check Around on Social Media

The first thing you can do is check out social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Believe it or not, social media isn’t just to give your opinion on politics or posting pictures of your food. You can use these sites as a great resource to find things near you like good art galleries. You can use the search features on these sites to check out various hashtags, or you can simply search for terms that are related to art galleries. It’s a fantastic way to find out what’s happening around you currently. You can stay in the proverbial “know” by browsing for this information on social media.

Check Your Local News

Check out local news websites to see what’s going on. If you’re one of the few people still getting a local newspaper, then all the better for you. If not, however, then just check out local news sites. If you live in the area of Wyoming, for instance, you might be able to find some great Jackson Hole galleries that are just opening up or some galleries that you previously did not know about. Searching locally means you won’t have to travel. Of course, if you don’t mind traveling to view some good art, then you can always expand your search to neighboring cities and states.

Check with Art-Specific Resources

If you’re truly a fan of art, then you might already know about a few good resources you can check out via art-related websites. The odds are pretty good that you can use these art-related sites to find some great galleries to visit. The added benefit here is that these sites aren’t just going to tell you that the galleries are available. They’re going to give you more information, like which artists are featured, the type of art, the viewing hours, etc. This way, you’ll know a lot more about the gallery before you visit.

Check with Artists

Another place you can check for art gallery openings is with actual artists. Even if you don’t know any artists personally, you will find that many of them have quite the profile. They’re famous, at least in the art world, and so they have social media accounts and personal blogs and websites that you can check on. They are usually very vocal about good galleries opening up, especially if their work is going to be featured. This is yet another resource you can take advantage of to find the best art galleries.

Check with Universities

Almost every university in America has some type of art course available, and this means they have art departments and art professors. These locations are great to tap into to find galleries, as they’re always keeping track of such information for the students. Most people in these positions love art and would love to help you find galleries, as they believe visiting art galleries is beneficial. Don’t be shy here; ask the professionals.

In Conclusion

There are art galleries open all over America, and you should have no trouble finding the best ones to attend. If you’re willing to look around for a couple of minutes, you’re going to find excellent galleries to visit. Whether you’re a huge fan or just want something to do as a fun activity, seeing a fine art gallery is a good idea.