Find the Best Apps for English Learning and Teaching

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Are you a beginner at learning the English language? If you want to speak fluent English or to improve your daily writing skills then you must consider the best app to learn English online. These apps will help you to adapt to English fast and you can also join one of these apps to show your teaching dexterity in the English language.

Universities and schools can serve these English learning apps to students in addition to the syllabus. They can develop on what students have learned in assignment or class tasks to them to finish classroom outside. Today we are going to outline some of the best English teachings and learning apps that anyone can get over the websites and app store. Students can download and use these apps anytime anywhere from their mobile devices.

Top 5 English Learning and Teaching Apps

We have researched more than 50 apps that are currently available on websites and from them picked up only the best 5 apps for teaching English. Here in the following, our 10 picked easiest and effective English learning apps that offer a wide vista of features to write and speak properly.

  1. Duolingo:

Today’s world’s most familiar English learning app is Duolingo and a highly suggesting app for teachers to showcase their talent over the English language. With more than 300 million registered learners, learning over this free application is fun and interactive.

The lessons of Duolingo are developed of a wide range of activities and it module lessons according to the users learning interests. This app’s gamified learning system helps users how to learn English fast in just daily twenty minutes spending. This app supports you in getting master over new phrases, words, and grammar with fun like lessons. It helps you to learn spelling correction, grammar, new idioms, and conversational English.

  1. HeyCleo:

HeyCleo is another amazing app that you never miss to consider in learning and teaching English. It comes with a huge number of features that help a student in effective learning. The most interesting thing about this app is its virtual AI-based online tutors. Yes! There is no human being who will teach you because it completely runs on AI technology. It is extremely beneficial for a learner in two ways- one, it helps a student to eliminate his/her shyness in asking questions and boost them with confidence. Second and most importantly there is no chance of error left if you learn from an AI-based tutor. These tutors will talk to you, understand your problems, and give you feedback according to your learning requirements. It also provides you with written instructions in your mother tongue for better understanding.

Besides that, it enables you to choose your favorite topics of the English language to learn because it comes with a ‘customized lessons’ feature. So practicing new words, idioms, phrases, and fixing grammar issues are in your hand. You just have to pick and start learning your favorite lessons in an interactive way.  Any aged group is welcome here in HeyCleo to learn English, whether you are a noob or a pro you could manage to learn basic vocabulary to advanced writing practices. This is why it is called one of the best apps to learn English online

  1. Busuu:

Busuu is one most interesting innovative app for English language learners and it is essentially recommended app for beginners. Linguists have given it a design where AI technology is powered by human interaction to teach you faster. Not only English, but it also comes with 12 different languages on its mobile app and offers 90 million learners across the world. Its lessons offer speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills that retain a balance throughout the learning process.

Busuu lets you talk with native English speakers to practice punctuation and adopt appropriate pronunciation. It allows you to get acknowledged with useful new words, idioms, and phrases that you can apply to your real-life work. This app caters to several courses that can fit different aged groups and can improve their fluency in speaking, writing skills. This is one of the most amazing apps for teaching English that permits you to download your favorite lessons and learn them anywhere anytime without even any internet connection.

  1. Improve English:

Improve English is another renowned name in English teaching and learning apps. It is mainly designed for people who want to learn this language as an additional one to improve their communication skills. They can learn English through interesting Games bite-size lessons and it helps you to remember new words on the go. Hence, it also could be count as one of the most valuable vocabularies build up apps. Apart from that it also offers a round of new features like the scientific algorithm that supports you to learn and develop English in an efficient way.

Subsequently, it has an interesting word memory game that helps you to adopt new words or vocabulary, lessen grammar mistakes, and learn more phrasal verbs. This app is fundamentally developed to help those people who have already a basic knowledge of the English language and want to develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It has numerous personalized content that supports you to get prepared for different entrance exams including GRE, GMAT, CAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

  1. Vocab Victor English Word Games:

Vocab Victor is one of the most used English learning apps that comes with an interactive UI. It essentially guides a student through English language study with immersive contexts in the real world. This app supports the young generation to understand and learn English in the best possible way.  Its interactive lessons involve students in a playing manner with a series of vocabulary development games. It makes you learn how to learn English fast and offers a wide diversity of games to teach varieties of customized lessons. Moreover, beginners can adapt to new contexts or review them by using their SRS (Spaced Repetition System). This feature makes this app one of the most innovative and high-quality app for learning the English language.