Common Health Problems & New Ways to Combat Them

Diseases, by nature, strike without giving prior warning signs, and if they do, perhaps, you don’t recognize the signs on time. Nevertheless, keeping yourself updated about the common health problems you and your loved ones might encounter assists you in planning how to combat them. You can avoid most common health problems if you prepare adequately and adjust your lifestyle. Continue reading to discover common health problems and new strategies you can use to combat them.

1. Cancers

Generally, the reason why the majority of cancers develop is a mystery. However, some forms of cancers do have preventable causes. Perhaps you’re imagining skin cancer, which you can prevent by avoiding too much sunlight. Or maybe you’re thinking of lung cancer, which in most cases results from smoking. But, are you aware that smoking can cause esophageal and larynx cancer? Additionally, these cancers can result from too much consumption of alcohol, and if you use the two causatives, the risk increases further.

The most effective way to combat these cancers is to at no account begin smoking and drinking alcohol; if you already do, stop immediately. If you’ve reached the stage of becoming an addict, seek professional counseling and rehabilitation. Ultimately, doing so will help you combat cancers, one of today’s most prevalent health problems.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is another common health problem, especially among middle-aged and elderly persons. The problem is mainly a lifestyle-related disease that causes your body not to process sugar. Consequently, high blood sugar in your body exposes you to severe long-term effects and may lead to heart disease, kidney failure, etc.

Some of the easiest ways to combat this health problem include:

  • Developing a habit of regularly testing your blood sugar levels
  • Avoiding a desk-bound lifestyle and staying active daily
  • Take medication when the need arises and as prescribed by your physician
  • Lowering carbohydrate and unhealthy fats intake in your diet

3. Epilepsy

CDC defines epilepsy as a disorder whereby an individual experiences reoccurring, spontaneous seizures resulting from abnormal electrical processes in the brain. The health condition is said to affect close to 50 million persons globally. In close to 25 million of those individuals, the cause of this disorder is unknown. Among the other half, the cause of epilepsy ranges from an acute head injury, a defect in the structure of the brain, or a tumor.

Although epilepsy isn’t preventable, you can combat seizures related to the condition in several ways to avoid injury. First, you must identify what triggers your epilepsy condition to take measures to alter or avoid those triggers. Common behaviors that are likely to trigger an epileptic seizure include:

  • Hormonal changes among women, especially during pregnancy or monthly periods
  • Altering your sleep pattern or substantial sleep deprivation
  • Mental strain, especially those involving solving complex problems
  • Anxiety, emotional problems, or stress

Another way to combat seizures is using an EEG for epilepsy that records the electrical activities in your brain through electrodes attached to your scalp. The EEG results often indicate unusual changes in brain activity, which can be useful in combating the condition.

4. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

GERD is acute acid reflux, whereby stomach contents move back into your throat, leading to tissue injury. Besides causing heartburn or burning sensation, GERD also leads to coughing, hoarseness, increased phlegm, and throat clearing.

Luckily, there are easy ways to combat acid reflux, prevent it from advancing into GERD, and treat GERD if you have already developed it. For instance, taking small, frequent meals rather than sizable ones can inhibit your stomach from backing up. Also, identifying and avoiding the foods that trigger the problem, which may include garlic, tomatoes, spicy foods, or citrus fruit, can assist.

Final Remarks

Your health and that of your family should be one of the priorities you should address urgently. Remember, without good health, you can’t have the peace of mind to focus on your family’s and personal development. Therefore, it’s prudent for you to invest in your health and that of your loved one by learning about common health problems and how to combat them.