5 Best Tips For Coming Up With Unique Content Marketing Ideas

Today, more than 5 billion people log in to the internet for various purposes. Around four billion of the total users are active on social media. There is a reason why marketing in the digital space has become so prominent. The presence of your brand on social media is vital in increasing your sales and the reputation of your company.

A content marketing company in NJ can help you successfully convert new customers by spreading your brand awareness. This article will help you understand how to come up with unique content marketing ideas. But remember, if you find it too confusing, you can always approach a professional content writing company in NJ.

Understanding Content Marketing

Content Marketing can be explained as a comprehensive strategy involving the creation, publishing, and distribution of relevant and valuable content in the digital space (website, social media, etc.). The intention behind content marketing is to reach a target audience and make them take action that incentivizes profits.

For instance, as a company that makes pizzas, you post an article on the best types of cheese on your Instagram account. This is your content. But your aim is not to add to your customer’s knowledge. You want your customer to take action by buying your pizza. So you can mention in your post that your outlet offers pizzas with the best types of cheese. Then ask customers to try your pizzas.

Through content creation, customers learn about your company, its values, and ethics. Of course, your content should also be fun and of relevance to the target base. But maintaining good content marketing is essential for long-term growth.

Tips for Unique Content Marketing Ideas

To reap the most benefits out of your content marketing service in NJ, follow the tips listed below –

1. Your Content should have a Clear Business Goal that can be measured.

When you sit and count the types of content you can create for your brand; your head might spin. You can go for social media posts, stories, pictures, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Website blogs, and so much more. There are so many options to choose from.

It might be tempting to create all sorts of content possible. But before you get your hands everywhere, wait and think. Why are you creating content? Is it for more views, more popularity? Or is it due to a less vague, more business-oriented reason?

Your content should align well with your overall marketing strategy. For instance, say you decide to focus on blogging. In that case, you need to define and understand your audience. What are they interested in reading?

2. Know the Journey of your Buyer.

There are multiple stages before a prospect turns into an actual buyer. Your content strategy will differ at every stage. In short, you need to have content to attract new prospects that are unfamiliar with your product or services. Then, you need separate content to convince the prospects that are confused about whether they should buy your product or not. Last, you need content to ensure that the converted customers stick to your brand in the long run.

As you can see, the type of content required for each stage will vary a lot as the target audiences vary.

3. Understand your Audience.

To truly get the hang of content marketing, you need to know who your audience is. The perfect audience for you is those who will engage with your content and eventually purchase your services or products. It is therefore important to create content keeping your audience in mind.

To define your target audience, you need to make a buyer persona. To create this persona, you will need your customer’s demographic and psychographic information. You must compile all this data into a compact buyer persona document.

4. Solve your Reader’s Problem.

Every business’ primary goal is to increase sales and maximize profits. To do so, a customer needs to buy your products or services. However, your content is a different story. The primary aim of the content is not to sell a product but educate your audience. You can do that by creating content that offers solutions to problems your customers face.

Let your products drive your content. For instance, if you are a travel company, your content should revolve around common queries related to travel. Once your customers think of you as a trustable source for information, they will more readily purchase your goods and services.

5. Go for the Pillar Cluster Model.

The Pillar Cluster Model is ideal for organizing your SEO in the most reader-friendly manner. It includes a pillar page that talks about an umbrella topic. There are other cluster pages that support this primary topic. You can then link all these pages internally, making Google think that all these pages are related.

Again, whenever in doubt, you can speak to a professional Digital Marketing Agency in NJ.


William Crosby has been working as a Marketing Consultant for NJ Local Marketing, a full-service internet marketing company in NJ. He is dedicated to providing complete and affordable digital marketing solutions for New Jersey businesses and believes in offering honest service with exceptional results, hassle-free, and fast delivery.