Are You Planning for a Conference? Read This Before Booking the Venue


You must be busy scouting for places for a conference. And tired too. It’s understandable too. From catching up to minor details to hopping from one venue to another, it can be overwhelming. A large event hall venue is a major deciding factor that determines the success of a conference. A conference convention hall in Singapore reflects your organization’s personality and credibility. It’s safe to assume that you are already speaking to venue managers and asking how they can tailor your demands. But before you speak again, make some quick mental notes with a few pointers which might just help you land a perfect conference convention hall in Singapore.

  • Capacity Of A Venue Speak Volumes

How many attendees can a large event hall venue hold? This should be one of your burning questions. Once you have a tentative idea of how big your attendee list is going to look like, find a venue that will be able to accommodate them all and still have space for more. The EXPO halls should be able to offer you flexibility irrespective of the scale of your industry or your conference.

  • How Accessible Is Your Venue?

Your attendees will likely travel, either by air, land, or water. Keeping that in mind, you should look at how accessible the location of your venue in Singapore is. A convenient location does not always mean that the event has to be closer to the attendees. It should be in cities or towns where the venue can be reached easily. The location of a conference will also determine the success and overall footfall.

  • What Equipment Do They Have?

Irrespective of your conference’s purpose, it’s critical that the venue you are booking has all the necessary equipment to support the activities planned for the day. It can be for presentations, meetings, and more. It’s always better to choose a venue that can make your life easier and has in-house equipment like mics, projectors, lights, etc.

  • Are They Sanitizing Enough?

This point here is non-negotiable. The venue should have staff taking care of overall sanitation and disinfection. The venue should also support a mechanism that will let people declare that they are healthy and without symptoms of virus-like Covid-19.

  • Well Trained Staff Will Make Your Life Easier

Staffs of a venue determine how functional they are. The attentive and friendly staff of a venue can determine the success of your conference. If the staff at a venue can show care, it improves the quality of the day naturally. Staffs who take the stress away are the ones that give lumber support to a conference and its success.

  • How Tech-Enabled Is The Venue?

A tech enabled ecosystem gives character to your conference. With the rise of hybrid events and digital ones, people are always looking for an immersive experience and the right venue for a conference in Singapore can ensure that your attendees stay immersed.

This should give you a headstart and help you stay less overwhelmed while hunting for that perfect venue in Singapore for your conference.


  1. Should venues cover proper sanitation protocol?

They do as they provide increased sanitation and disinfection.

  1. Should I choose a venue if they don’t have in-house equipment?

Unless you have a third-party arrangement, don’t go for that venue.

  1. What should be the safety benchmark?

Check if they have safe management measures in place.