Acquire Mastery over Analytics skills and Score Big!

The data analytics and data science industry has been growing at an astonishing speed in India and elsewhere over the past couple of years. Studies conducted by eminent institutes like the Praxis Business School show that the analytics industry in India is worth a massive $27billion. Market Research also projects that the global business analytics and Big Data market will reach between $93.3Billion to $1Trillion!

The analytics field has also gained a reputation for being the best field to generate lucrative employment opportunities. There is a consensus that with proper training programs and certification courses like a Big Data Engineer Course or Data Analytics training certification, one can get a good salary hike and grab great job opportunities!

If you are a Data analytics or Data science aspirant then you must consider getting enrolled in a good training course and acquire command over analytics skills that will allow you to nail job interviews:

  • Programming languages like R and Python

The main objective of data analysts and Big data engineers is to dig out hidden insights and patterns from a massive pool of data. However, playing with Data would require essential programming knowledge of object-oriented and interpreted statistical languages like R and Python.

Interestingly Python comes with excellent libraries like NumPy and SciPy which are used by analysts all over the world to manipulate and visualize data. Thus, acquiring command over Python is an essential skill for you to become a successful data scientist, Big Data engineer, or Data analyst!

  • Microsoft Excel should not be ignored! MS Excel has been there among other spreadsheet programs for quite some time now. However, nothing could replace Excel permanently, chiefly due to its extremely simple UI and availability of complex yet easy-to-use features!

One might feel that Excel is irrelevant as it has certain limitations and cannot handle Big Data. However, understanding the use of Excel is a very important step in understanding other advanced analytics tools. Moreover, a data analyst or a Big data engineer will inevitably need to generate a report in Excel so that other stakeholders in the company with limited tech knowledge can understand!

Some important advantages of Excel include a Simple and easy-to-use user interface, continuous updating and support by Microsoft, popularity, and accessibility.

  • DataBase management languages like SQL and NoSQL

You will need to access, store and analyze data in relational database management systems. For this SQL and NoSQL are essential languages that will help you to interact with the data in the database management systems.

SQL being the standard programming language for managing data in database management systems, data analysts and scientists need to know SQL. More importantly, SQL is one of those skills which recruiters and interviewers seek in a candidate and hence you should always look at the curriculum of the course you intend to enroll whether it has a plan to teach you SQL.

  • Learn how to with Big Data

With the exponential growth of data and the massive velocity at which data is being generated- Big Data gains more importance. And given the trend of digital transformation across the globe, companies can no longer ignore the importance of Big data. Today more than 57% of business organizations are investing big in Big data to extract valuable information.

It is important to note that Forbes estimates the big data software market will be worth $31billion in 2019! Hence it goes without saying that top recruiters now look for business analysts with skills in Big Data Analytics tools like Hadoop and Spark.

  • AI and ML are both important!

 Artificial intelligence and its subset of Machine Learning is highly significant for business analysts. To deal with a large number of data sets, automation is necessary and AI enables data professionals to build systems capable of descriptive or predictive data analysis automatically.

In a McKinsey survey, it was found out that around 47% of the business executives who participated in the survey reported that they have embedded at least one AI capability while 21% reported the use of several AI capabilities.

Looks tough and challenging?

Yes, indeed, Data analytics or Big Data is not child’s play. However, it is no rocket science either! Make sure you go for a course that will be able to impart all the necessary skills and most importantly provide you with practical scenarios. Case studies and real-life scenarios will help you gain a good amount of understanding. Moreover, an institute with an experienced faculty should be able to prepare you for the job!